Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is it all in Vain?

Here's the latest buzz about Harlequin romance and their new self-publishing business:

While it's worth a read, let me tell you...I'm not sure where I stand on this, and I'm willing to bet I haven't gotten enough information from the above article to formulate any sort of educated opinion.

What I do get from it is that self-publishing is still very much mis-understood. There is a distinction between a Vanity Press and Self-publishing. Granted, there can be a very narrow gap in that distinction, but they are not inter-changable. It's back to the square and the rectangle guys. Vanity Presses are about self-publishing, but not all self-publishing has anything to do with a Vanity Press.

Self-publishing can range from posting a getting sucked in by a Vanity Press, to actually hiring a: book designer, editor, printer, distributor, etc. on your own.

Not all self-pubbing is a scam. Now, it's also not really a big credit on your resume' either. But I still think the important part is whether it's done upfront and honestly, or ran as some kind of get rich and famous quick dodge.

So, Harlequin's getting desperate and they've stuck their toe into a very dirty puddle. :-) I find it hard to believe they'll run their self-pub service as shadily and crooked as someone like Publish America.
But before I bank on that, I'd better do some research. lol

You guys decide for yourselves.

~Off to google it,

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Frances Pauli said...

So here's an update:
It looks like Harlequin is actually referring anyone they reject to their self-publishing service. . .

Okay, now we're talking vanity press.
E-gad. I don't know if they're doing this yet or not, but if they do....then I have to wholeheartedly agree with the dissention amongst the ranks. ;-)

Something else about the service they're using...ASI or something. (I'm full of technical info-eh? Hey, I'm busy with NaNo) Anyway the service is supposedly one of "those" self-pubbing companies, has a pretty bad rep, etc.

To their credit, it also sounds like it was a failing and desperate parent company that made this lovely decision and not the folks at Harlequin directly.

Thats what I know so far...isn't much is it?
Well, go ahead and google some better details.