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Pepper is a house bunny living in a dreamworld. She spends her days lost in fantasy until her owner accidentally leaves the cage ajar. In one fateful hop, Pepper finds herself at large in a world that is all too real.

A wise bunny would get as far away as possible, but Pepper crashes straight into Axl, a skittish possum with a heap of his own problems. He’s as fascinating as any imaginary prince, and her storytelling quickly lands her a place in his gang. Before she knows it, Pepper is ears deep in a risky business, trapped in a web of her own lies, and falling for the possum, his friends, and being a part of something bigger than just one bunny’s imagination.

Living close to man means constant danger. Her former owner is searching for her and fitting in with the gang poses its own challenges. As the noose of captivity closes in around her again, Pepper struggles to keep both her story and her neck intact. If she doesn’t tell Axl the truth, she could end up back inside a cage forever.

But telling him the truth could cost her everything she’s ever wanted for real.