Friday, December 5, 2014

War Dogs Cover Reveal

It's Almost Here!! 

Dogs of War series: book two

In Korea, a red cross nurse and an army soldier form a bond that will carry them forward in time...
unfortunately, the demon who destroys their love is coming along for the ride.

And this time...
the demons aren't playing by the rules.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Well, I'm not entirely certain that I survived NaNoWriMo this year...I still have a TGIO party to get through and I haven't actually looked at the words I've written yet...but it seems like its mostly over. (mostly over is slightly still going) That being said, it felt like a good time for an update post, a what in the world am I doing and what comes next sort of checking in.

I am still writing. Sometimes its a few words a day, and sometimes it's a few chapters, but school is going and the mini grubs have health issues and I'm spending far to many hours outside my comfortable, well-worn writing chair. Still, there should be some new stories coming, and they'll go something like this:

Princes of the Shroud book two: SEEN is set to release any day now.
Dogs of War: Demon Dogs: should be the same. I'm crossing my fingers it lands soon, cause yall know the war dog series is my favorite, right? At least, this week.
Kingdoms Gone book four: Blame the Bearer will release on Christmas day in ebook and shortly (very shortly) after in paper.
Here area few pretty covers so the post has images...

I should have a cover to reveal for Demon Dogs any time now too...but I've seen the mockup and I LOVE IT.

Shorter stuff: 
I have shorts coming out in the Strange Little Girls anthology from Belladonna Press and the Space Opera antho from Geminid Press. Both look like they're going to be fabulous books and I'm thrilled about the stories' inclusion. 

The Dogs of War/Corduroy County Coven crossover novella is written and will be edited and available as soon as I can physically make that happen. There should also be a Shift Happens short and a new standalone elf/romance/novella type thingy coming. (working on that as we speak.)

Aside from releases, I'll be at both Radcon and Norwescon again this year. So far that's the sum total of my con appearances, but if more pop up they'll be under the NEWS tab.
I also have the serial still running over at Jukepop and on this blog: 
and there will be a new, unique, possibly bizzarro blog fiction dealy coming that I'm really excited for, but is totally top secret for now. 

Stay tuned. When it goes live, I'll be crowing about it here.

~ Frances

Monday, October 27, 2014

NaNo Of The Novella

I almost missed my annual NaNoWriMo posting. Not that there's any danger of a lack of blog posts about the event. The interwebs are practically bursting with the "to nano or not to nano" opinion articles that range from exposing NaNoWriMo as the event that single-handedly ruined the publishing universe to all out zealotry claiming the sport as the holy salvation of all literary pursuits.

I accept neither of those extremes, just so we're clear. the interest of brevity and to avoid redundancy, I'm not going to talk about the event exactly. I will say that, yes, I am participating again. I will say that, should you have little ones romping around your ankles, I highly recommend you direct them to the Young Writer's Program at as soon as possible.

I'll be doing something a little different this year. For the first time since 2007 I won't be writing a single novel in November. Instead, I'm tossing off a string of novellas and shorts set in some of my series' worlds. Hopefully, I'll get to most of them.

The tie-ins I'm definitely aiming for are:

A Dogs of War novella crossing over into the Corduroy County Coven series
A Shift Happens novella featuring the invisible Ian. And possibly a Christmas short set in the same universe.
A Kingdoms Gone short
and the Seelie/Unseelie story I've had in  mind for a Changeling Race novella forever and ever.

So...wish me luck.
And if you choose to take the NaNoWriMo month to task, I wish you the same.

Happy penning,

Friday, October 17, 2014

GaGa for Radio

Today I had the privilege of appearing (without actually appearing) on the Speculative Fiction Cantina show on Blog Talk radio, courtesy of Writestream Radio Network, Blog Talk Radio, and the amazing show host, a great author and friend, S. Evan Townsend.

The interview was great fun, and I also got the pleasure of meeting the incredibly talented Fran Orenstein, who was my fellow guest.

The show is archived for your listening pleasure (or you can just make fun of me while you listen) at the following link:

And just for fun...and because, Queen!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Mega-Giveaway

Claudia Y Burgoa is giving away an iPad Air in celebration of her birthday and Halloween. On top of that, a bunch of amazing authors (and one little old me) and bloggers and such are contributing to a mega-giveaway leading up to the big day. 

Starting on Oct. 5th one of the following prizes will be won each day. The ipad will be given away on the favorite time of the year and a great day to win! 
Prize list is below, and the rafflecopter with a bazillion ways to enter is below that. LUCK!! 

Grand Prize: iPad Air provided by Claudia Y Burgoa
Other Prizes and who is responsible for the giveaway:
Tammy Brewer - $10 Amazon Giftcard INT
Erika Messer - $5.00 Amazon Gift Card INT
Julianne- - Paperback fo Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti and swag
Debra Gaudette - Booklover package valued at $30
Jennifer Trevino - Swag Pack via Jenn's Bookshelf
Jess - $15 amazon GC
C.E. Kilgore - eCopy of Preconceptions, all formats available. 
Renee & Brianna - 2 Swag Packs- US Only
Char - US only swag pack - Ebook Swag Pack (includes Soldier On and Lessons Learned)
Nasha Lama - up to 1.99 ebook of winner's choice.
Chanpreet Singh - Paperback US (surprise title)
CS Patra - Swag Pack (US)
Emma Adams - an e-copy of Darkness Watching (INTL)
Allyn Lesley - 5.00 e-Amazon gift card US only
melissa aguirre - 2.99 choice of book by winner
Secretly Adorkable Readers - US Only-Multi signed swag pack 
RoAnna Sylver - $10 Giftcard
C.E. Black - Signed Paperback - Cursed Desires (US)
Surj Harvey - Swag bag containing goodies from some of our favourite authors
Nichole - Ebook value up to $2.99
Kristy Nowinsky - ebook copy of Going off Dreams by K.E. Nowinsky
Lily-Ann Johnson - 1 ebook Blondie's Hero
Fran Owen - US only: Tangled by Emma Chase paperback
Frances Pauli - Print copy of Shrouded: Prince of the Shroud book one. US only
Ashley Mackler-Paternostro - Digital copy of The Milestone Tapes -- international
T.M. Franklin - Winner's choice of any of my Kindle eBooks
Day Parker - Paperback book of The Elementals: Fire US only
Doris - 3 US swag packs
Laura Morgan - ebook of Embracing the Darkness - Book 1 in the Black Rose series (INTL)
Tigris Eden - E-copy of Bonded in Shadows, Burned in Shadows, and Enslaved in Shadows
Danielle Romero - Signed copy of Between by Kerry Schafer US, ecopy of Reticulum by Marta Salek INL, ecopy of Whole in the Clouds by Kristine Kibbee INL

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, September 22, 2014

Meet the Character Blog Hop

I have been tagged in a blog hop called, “Meet the Character” by an amazing author and wonderful person, M Todd Gallowglas. He's posted about some of his characters, and I highly recommend popping over there and reading that as well. For my part, I will feature a character from my Kingdoms Gone series who has been, up until this point, cast as the villain, but who just got his own hour in the spotlight in my latest book, Blame the Bearer. 

For "villains" everywhere.

1.What is the name of your character?

Vane, just Vane. He most likely had a last name at some point, but he doesn't like to use it. Gangs don't encourage using real names anyway. Too sloppy. According to his father, Vane is the heir to the fallen kingdom of Canton. No proof of this exists at this time.

2. Is he/she fictional or a historic person?

Yes. A fictional historical person. But mostly fictional.

3. When and where is the story set?

Blame the Bearer takes place immediately after the end of Horded. It begins in a region that used to be the Kingdom of Gault, and moves from Glade across the Southern Sea to a magical island out of prophecy.

4. What should we know about him/her?

Vane's father was the town drunk. He grew up under the weight of his Dad's boasting about their royal lineage...which was laughed off by the rest of the town. After his father's death, Vane joins the Starlight gang and works his way up to a leadership position. He is slick, smart, and out for his own interests. Self preservation is his strongest skill.

5. What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

Things go wrong when a gargoyle drops him on an island with a castle that isn't supposed to exist. Vane learns he is "the Bearer" and must search for the Heir to the Kingdoms. He'd much rather seize that title himself, but the castle will only hand over the throne once the Heir has been returned.

6. What is the personal goal of the character?

To return with the Heir, and then kill them or trick them out of the throne.

7. Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

Blame the Bearer is the title. The book is number four in the Kingdoms Gone series and the website for all the books is at:

8. When can we expect the book to be published or when was it published?

The book is in edits and should be out soon. I had hopes for October, but if that deadline passes, it will most likely be available around the holidays.

Well, now that you've met Vane, I have to say, he isn't exactly what you'd expect from a villain. Most of this redeeming traits are dredged up by his experiences in the story, in particular dealing with his counterpart, the heroine of the tale. 
She isn't quite what you'd expect from a heroine either. But I'll leave Lidya for another post. 

For now, I’m going to tag: S. Evan Townsend, Voss Foster and Michael Baker. I can’t promise they will play along, but I hope they will.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dark Dancer: Bad-ass Elves Tour

Okay, it's not really called that. BUT, I did have the pleasure of reading Dark Dancer by Jaleta Clegg and, in my opinion, it's pretty freaking bad-ass. I loved it, in fact, but since I'm a big fan of Clegg's storytelling, that wasn't a huge surprise. The book is delightful, however, and I am thrilled to have it and its author here on the blog today.
Please give them both a warm welcome!
Also, check out the rafflecopter at the end for chances to win!
(and I didn't know about the contents of the post below when I wrote this, I swear!)

Inspiring Worlds and Words

I have this friend who writes incredible fantasy stories. Ever heard of Frances Pauli? *cheesy grin* She doesn't really call them that, but that's what they are in my mind. She wrote a trilogy several years ago that caught my imagination and wouldn't let go. I wanted and needed to write my own version of her world.

A Moth in Darkness starts her Changeling Race trilogy. I love the title. I fell in love with her fairy world to the point I threatened to write fanfic about it. But I don't play well in other people's sandboxes. I tend to change things. I tucked the ideas away and let them ferment while I worked on other projects.

Then Frances wrote this new series that had me even more entranced. Unlikely, the first book in Kingdoms Gone, creates a completely different version of fairyland and magic. Yep, I was hooked. (Where is that next book?!?!?!) I wanted to play in a magic world with elves and pixies and fairies and airships and automatons (giant robots, oh yeah!). Wait, Frances didn't do the whole steampunk tech thing in her books.

But that's the point of writing my own stories. I don't have to fit it into anyone's rules. I create my own rules. I wanted airships. And elves with pointy ears and slanted eyes and magic and god complexes. And giant robots powered by magic and steam. And strange flying creatures that were not quite dragons. And a pirate captain who could have been Errol Flynn's Sinbad, if he were an elf in a wooden airship with a crew of elves, trolls, and pixies. I wrote Dark Dancer because I fell in love with the characters and the ideas and the world that grew in my head and I wanted to share it with you.

This is why I really write. It's because I want adventures and magic. And airships. Since those don't exist in the real world and Hollywood's versions irritate me, I have to find authors who write these stories if I want to read them. Or I have to write them myself. Because I can.

You can find a complete list of all my work at

Dark Dancer -
A strange prophecy haunts the Seligh lords, rulers of the Fey and controllers of all magic in the Summerlands, a prophecy that foretells their fall. At its heart, is a young human woman with no memory of her power or potential to destroy their world.

Available in ebook and print.
Smashwords (all ebook formats) -

Kindle -

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Writer Movie Review: Orange County


One of my absolute favorite writerly flicks is Orange County, a darkly humorous and often disgusting peek into one aspiring author's journey. Shaun Brumder finds a novel on the beach one day after his best friend's tragic surfing accident, and finds his purpose in the pages of the book. Determined to be a novelist, he sets his sights on Stanford and studying under the professor who wrote his inspiring novel. Enter Shaun's dysfunctional family and friends, a mis-matched cast of lunatics who manage to get in the way of his dreams at every possible turn. 

The movie drives us straight through every frustrating twist and leaves us laughing, cringing, and in the end sniffling happily at the message about redemption, family and the odd and often misunderstood manifestations of love and support in an ordinary (albeit effed up)  existence. 

I don't think you can go wrong with a cast that includes names like: John Lithgow, Jack Black, Catherine O'Hara, Harold Ramis, Lily Tomlin and Kevin Kline. Orange County certainly delivers a lot of fun,  laughter, a full share of touching moments, and in the end a deep message that will resonate with authors and non authors alike.

Though I truly appreciated the point from a fellow writer's perspective, this is really a movie for anyone who has ever looked askance at their own family and wondered how exactly they'd ended up in the center of so much crazy. 

I think that's most of us, really. 
If you grok, take some time to enjoy Orange County. 


Favorite Line: Somebody's got to fill this up, or I'm going to jail.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

River tour with Skyla Dawn Cameron

I am thrilled to have one of my favorite people on the blog today. Author and amazing editor Skyla Dawn Cameron is touring with her book River. She has shared the soundtrack with us (with some amazing music selections, I might add) and a great giveaway that y'all are going to want to enter. 
Welcome, Skyla!


Defiant, nocturnal, moody–though River sounds like a typical teenager, she’s anything but. River’s a werewolf.

The life of an alpha female wolf was irrevocably changed the night she was attacked and bitten, and awoke confused, alone, and human. Three years later, thrust into a world where she doesn’t belong and living in foster care, River barely tolerates humanity and still doesn’t know who bit her or why.

But River isn’t as alone as she previously thought; someone’s been watching her, someone who holds the answers she’s been seeking. And though the human who changed her seems to be a step ahead of her at every turn, River is determined to beat his game and return to her pack and mate.

As if being stuck in a world she hates, with a life she never asked for, and faced with a destiny she doesn’t want wasn’t bad enough, River still must find a way to survive every human’s greatest challenge: high school.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-927966-02-0
Print ISBN: 978-1-927966-01-3

Release Date: August 25 (ebook), September 1 (print)

Buy Direct:

Nook and Kobo coming soon.

For a list of tour spots and to find out more about River—including the first seven chapters free—at

The River Soundtrack

I know music plays a part of Frances’ writing process, so when she kindly offered me space to talk here today, it seemed appropriate to share my own personal playlist from writing and revising River.

I finished my first novel when I was eighteen and still remember its lengthy soundtrack (epic traditional fantasy with the theme song “No One Like You” by Sarah Brightman); going back even farther than that, I was seven or eight writing “chapter” books (very short chapters) with zombies and monsters based on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Music has been a part of my process for as long as I can remember, and obviously River was no exception.

I first wrote the book over an intense two week period in October 2003. Living with my boyfriend in my first apartment, there was no actual office space and we didn’t have a desk, so my big clunky PC and monitor were set up on a nightstand at the end of my bed. I spent thirteen hours a day writing, my legs folded up light a pretzel, with headphones on blasting the same songs on repeat for different scenes.

All was well until the very end of the book. During the final, deeply emotional scene, when I had headphones on and the same song on repeat, tears in my eyes...

My boyfriend strolled into the room and said, “Whatcha doing?”

I think I set him on fire with my eyes. He never, ever interrupted my writing again. Incidentally, we are also no longer together. That was safest for all parties involved.

The book’s soundtrack has stayed with me over the years, so much so that a few of the songs so deeply remind me of River and her journey that I can’t listen to them in any other context. Revising River for re-release in 2014 meant adding a few new songs to the soundtrack because they were too perfect not to have included. Here they are, with a note of the lines from the book or scene where relevant (otherwise assume it’s an overall theme song).

Stabbing Westward – “Television
River’s theme.

Linkin Park – “Numb
Daryl's theme.

Jeffrey Gaines – “In Your Eyes
(If you’ve read the book, you know this song has a prominent role.)

Blue Foundation – “Eyes on Fire
River stalks Daryl.

Sarah McLachlan – “Building a Mystery
(Both because River feels like her opponent is building a mystery, and also because David Usher is in the video and he looks a bit like I pictured Daryl.)

Florence + The Machine – “Howl
“Daryl tumbled but I was on him before he hit the ground, my lips parted in a half-howl, half-scream.”

Korn – “Alone I Break
River’s rage when she tears up her room.

Evanescence – “Haunted
River’s nightmares.

Angie Hart – “Blue

Gary Jules – “Mad World

Sheryl Crow – “Strong Enough
River’s other theme.

K's Choice – “Believe

Moist – “Leave It Alone
River mourns at her brother’s grave.

BOA – “Duvet” (acoustic)
“I’d rather drown next time than have you following me”/“I’d rather you be alive and hating me than dead”

Twinbed – “Trouble I'm In
“Fine. No more words.”

Poe – “Wild
Chase through the woods/final fight.

Lifehouse – “Everything
“...if I thought it would make you happy.”

Sarah McLachlan – “Fumbling Toward Ecstasy
“We don't need human words.”

And, as a bonus, the theme song for the sequel, Wolfe:

Johnny Cash – “Hurt

Skyla is also holding a spectacular giveaway. Jump in on the chance to win these goodies! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is ONLY for US & Canada (due to the movie being Blu-Ray and the regions of Blu-Ray's and shipping costs over seas). Sorry.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Jester Prince tour with Voss Foster

It is my absolute delight to have Voss Foster here today for a stop on the tour of his newest release. He's chosen to feature a character that is near and dear to my heart, I suspect intentionally. Without further ado, I give you Foster's take on Coyote...

The dust flooded through the gateway, but it flowed around Harlan's invisible barrier, shielding the three of them. Whatever brought the energy, it now stood just in front of Harlan. Before the dust cleared, Toby saw the eyes. They glowed, just like any immortal's would. But these weren't human eyes. Almost no white, a golden-amber iris. The visitor blinked slowly.

As more dust settled, the silhouette cleared. Tall and broad, with a sharp, slanting nose. Definitely a man. He waved his head and the rest of the dust whooshed away. Dark, reddish skin. Native American, by the look of him. A fringed, leather jacket hugged his muscles, with pants to match. A beaded band held his waist-length, black hair into a ponytail. He smiled around at them. "Hello."

Harlan fell back in line with Zerga and Toby. The heat lifted away, but Madame Zerga's hand flew straight to her mirror. She nodded at the stranger. "Coyote."
-The Jester Prince

Coyote. As I said a couple days ago, I have a soft spot for tricksters. And Coyote is among my favorites. I eat him up in just about any media provided, and I happen to know that my blog hostess for today also feels quite the love for the Old Man. Coyote, the stealer of fire… and also the bedmate of many an unwitting woman. Revered, but only from a distance. Feared, but never to his face. Coyote is pure masculinity, all wrapped up in a glorious trickster. Plus, you know, he's a coyote. I grew up surrounded by coyotes. They're cool-looking critters.

I knew, when it came time to play with King Jester's children, the tricksters, Coyote would be in there. And it was important to me that his eyes were different, like a coyote's. Since he's King Jester's son, he has the same blue eyes as all of King Jester's other children. But, to try and set himself apart from everything else, he mimics the eyes of a coyote.

I needed him to be cool and sexual, but also have some level of tradition to him. But I knew he couldn't be as anachronistic as all the other immortals and half-breeds. I aimed for the seventies, a little bit. Or an updated seventies. Fringe jacket, leather pants, ponytail. On top of that, he had to be just a little creepy, and have just a little bit of a problem with Toby.

To find out what's really going on with Coyote, check out The Jester Prince, book Two of the King Jester Trilogy.

With the destruction of Zirkua Fantastic, King Jester, the spirit of discord, has been unleashed once more upon the Earth. Only Toby, a fresh, untrained immortal, and the other former members of Zirkua Fantastic dare to stand against his chaos. But their hold is tenuous, and they are only truly safe from his power within the bounds of their camp. King Jester grows more powerful and more dangerous with each passing day. But he's made one mistake. That mistake could be his undoing. He's stolen Toby's soul mate, Marley. When he discovers Marley's location, Toby knows what he has to do. He will rescue Marley, even if it means he has to face King Jester alone.

But the others don't let him go at it alone. Marley has information about the resistance. They can't afford to let him stay in King Jester's control. In desperation, the immortals raise an army to storm the compound. But will it be enough to challenge the embodiment of chaos himself? All they can do is hope. Hope and put their faith in love.

"No, I just came here to introduce myself."

Zerga grabbed Toby's hand. "We know you, Coyote."

"But he doesn't." He stopped just a hair short of touching Toby's cheek, close enough that the tiny gust of wind danced across his ear. "Besides, you need a way to get in contact with me." He made a deep bow, his ponytail flipping up, the scent of cedar flying with the movement. "I'm your liaison. If you need to speak with King Jester about anything, you just tell me." He straightened himself and slipped the coyote charm from his shoulder. "Now, I just need to figure out who to give this to." He glanced at Harlan, glanced at Zerga, stared at Toby. Once he got his eyes fixed, he never looked away, didn't even blink. "I'm just really not sure who I can trust this with. It's a big responsibility." He dangled the charm in front of Toby, just out of his reach. As it hung there, the leather strap it hung from doubled in length. "Well, it seems like you should have it. Since it's so close." He slid it over Tobias' head. "Just send a little pulse of energy into that and I'll be here. Or wherever you happen to call me to."

"Thank you, Coyote." Harlan stomped one foot forward. "Now go."

He thwacked the back of his hand on his forehead, tossed himself back from the waist up. "Alas, I'm too weak. I'm just a mere half-breed. Traveling so far at such a speed drained me."

Harlan scoffed. "Then get King Jester to infuse some."

"I wouldn't dream of that. He's far too busy."

Zerga swooped around to the front, hot anger radiating from her body. "Then take some of my energy."

Coyote jumped back, laughing. "Now, now, I can't do that. If I walk out of here with some of your power, that would be a very clear breach of the oath King Jester made, wouldn't it?" Clucking his tongue, he shook his head. "No, I can't do that."

"Is there a problem?" Dart skidded through the entrance, swinging his tiny weight in a semicircle around Coyote, stopping next to Harlan. He flipped the gold coin high above his head as he spoke. "What's he doing here?"

"Just dealing with some business." Coyote pushed them all aside, worked his way toward the fire pit, a rough hole dug into the ground and filled with wood. Toby and the others stayed half a step behind him the whole way, until Coyote sat. Then every eye turned to Harlan. After a few seconds, Harlan sat. The others followed suit. Coyote clapped. "Wonderful." He flung fire into the tinder piled in the pit. "I hope you don't mind feeding me. I can't sustain myself on willpower like the rest of you."

"You want us to feed you?" Zerga sighed, her eyes gleaming even more than usual. "I wouldn't think that wise. If you eat our food, couldn't that put King Jester in danger? The oath?"

Coyote's whole body shifted. He sat taller, clenched his jaw. His eyes brightened, flashing the same blue as King Jester's for a split second. "I suppose it could." He stood. "I'll go hunting, then, and bring back my own dinner." He slipped away from the fire. As he moved farther from the flames, his body changed again. It melted, flowing into a loping, red-gray coyote. He glanced back, winked, and leapt over the fence, higher than any coyote should have been able to. Or anyone so "low" on power.

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