Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cover Reveal: STORM DRAGON

book one

coming in June

Karin knows she’s gone completely insane—nuts—absolutely batshit crazy, when she spots an insidious blue dragon twining through the trees at a rest stop in the Cascade Mountains. Despite agreeing to join her roommate at a psychic fair, she’s never believed in anything metaphysical. She’s pretty sure the Reiki treatment she succumbed to has brought on a frighteningly realistic hallucination—until they roll their mini-van in the middle of I-90, and she is rescued from the vehicle by the same monstrous blue figment of her imagination. 

She awakens to find that she’s been delivered to a cabin high in the mountains instead of to a proper hospital. The “doctor” looking out for her is more of a new-ager than a physician, and the people who own the house, including the urban highlander version of Fabio, don’t have any intention of letting her leave.  
Faced with the unimaginable, and strapped to an all-too-real dragon, Karin must decide how to tame the beast or risk losing herself to it forever.
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'll Get Eaten By A Bear!

It's not a secret that bears terrify me. And yet, here I go again, bravely, off to Nano Camp. In case you haven't had the pleasure yet, Campnanowrimo is a lot like regular Nanowrimo, but with bears. I mean cabins.

Okay they're virtual cabins, but the whole thing is just awesome looking. It has a bulls-eye target, a set your own word count goal and a lot of fun goodies that only happen at camp. . . and should probably stay there.

I highly recommend getting into the camp spirit, hiding away somewhere, and writing like a bear is after you!

~ Frances 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guest Author JoAnne Myers

It is my great pleasure to have a fabulous author guest today. Please welcome JoAnne Myers. She's here to talk to us about her books and writing the Paranormal. Welcome, JoAnne!

When it comes to fiction writing, almost anything goes. That is why I love writing paranormal and fantasy stories. The author can go completely over the edge and make something unbelievable seem believable. When it comes to ghost stories, I get a lot of my inspiration from real life experiences. Not necessarily my own either. I watch television programs that partake of the supernatural and paranormal flare. Programs from ordinary people who claim they experienced either an afterlife experience, or a haunting.
Some of my stories from my upcoming release “Wicked Intentions” is based on actual hauntings. Some stories I read about in the newspaper, and others I watched on true life experience programs. So the next time you get “writer’s block” try switching on the television. You might find something to jolt your inspiration.

Blurbs for Wicked Intentions
BLOOD TIES- word count 15, 902
After the mysterious disappearance of twenty-six year old wife and mother Lisa Smalley, her twin, Audra Roper, begins having dark and disturbing visions of Lisa’s disappearance. Trying to survive while looking for Lisa, Audra’s life becomes a roller coaster of risks, heartbreak, and intrigue.
THE HAUNTING OF BARB MARIE- word count 9,845
Even as a child, Barb Marie saw dead people. This took an unhealthy toil on her throughout her childhood and young adulthood.
SUMMER WIND-word count 13,039
When twenty-nine year old Ginger discovers the old mansion Summer Wind, she is mysteriously drawn to it. . Immediately, the haunting’s have a negative and profound effect on the family.
THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES-laying the Norfolk ghost to rest
Solving the brutal murder of American born Ruthie Geil becomes a gauntlet of attacks and more murders for Federal Police Inspector Ian Christian. Between the victims family, ex-lovers, and ghostly occurrences on Norfolk Island, the killer is closer than anyone realizes.
THE LEGEND OF LAKE MANOR-word count 8,297
For the young psychic Cassandra Lopez, coming to the infamous and haunted mansion Lake Manor, was more like a mission.
THE APARTMENT-word count 5,188
When young newlyweds Bill and Gayle move into their new apartment, their lives are plagued with sightings of evil ghosts that threaten their marriage and lives.
DARK VISIONS-word count 5,170
When Carrie Reynold’s starts having nightmares on her twenty-sixth birthday, she believes her “dark visions” can solve the twenty year disappearance of her father.

Author Bio:
I have been a long-time resident of southeastern Ohio, and worked in the blue-collar industry most of my life. Besides having several novels under my belt, I canvas paint.
When not busy with hobbies or working outside the home, I spend time with relatives, my dogs Jasmine and Scooter, and volunteer my time within the community. I am a member of Coffee Time Romance, International Women’s Writing Guild, Paranormal Romance Guild, the National Writers Association, Savvy Authors, the Hocking Hill's Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center. I believe in family values and following your dreams.
My books along with my original canvas paintings, can be found at: http://www.booksandpaintingsbyjoanne.com/
Other books by JoAnne:
Murder Most Foul-a detective/mystery
The Crime of the Ctury-a biography true crime
Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between
Upcoming Releases:
Loves, Myths, and Monsters- a fantasy anthology available in April
Twisted Love- a biography true crime anthology available in May
Flagitious- a detective/mystery novella anthology

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Claudia Y Burgoa Blog Tour and Giveaway

Claudia Y Burgoa has two amazing NA releases, Where Life Takes You and Getting By! And I can't wait to tell you more about her and her books!

Release Date: December 1, 2013
BECCA TRENT LIVED HER CHILDHOOD NEXT TO A CRUEL WOMAN—her mom—who lived to torment and neglect her. During her high school years, her mother married; bringing home not only a new husband, but a step sister her same age. The latter took over her Mom’s role—making Becca’s life miserable. Including stealing Ian—Becca’s best friend and boyfriend—Lisa treated her worse than her mother had for the previous fifteen years. A couple years later, thing ended up in tragedy.
Becca buried that part of her life in the deep corners of her psyche, caught between sanity and nightmares. Between therapy, work and her constantly looming past she can’t seem to find room to breathe. The memories of her late step-sister, Lisa, are her closest company.
Her best friend, Dan gives her that family love she always lacked. Everything was close to perfect, until everything and everyone from her past came back. Now she’s trying to figure out how to survive and keep that bond which seems now to be held together by a thread.

Release Date: February 18th, 2014
When Emma Anderson arrived at San Francisco International Airport, she regretted accepting the distinction of being the maid of honor to Gaby’s—her childhood friend—wedding. It had been years since the last time she set foot in Menlo Park, where her parents had been killed. The rug where she had been shoving her feelings since that day looked bumpier than a camel’s hump. Who could blame her; if she hadn’t been selfish they’d still be around. Ever since that fateful day, Emma has been perfecting the knack of Getting By.
Cade’s wedding in Menlo Park—a city close to San Francisco—might be the perfect place for Jake Knight to shake the memories of his ex, Emma Anderson for good. Single, available women galore for an entire week was the perfect medication, one he intended to take three times a day for an entire week to return to his player days. It was a plan the former spy thought flawless until he came face to face with the maid of honor. Jake’s perfect retreat turns into a flight, fight or hide week of celebrations.

Claudia lives in Colorado with her family and three dogs. Two beagles who believe they are human, and a bichon who thinks she’s a beagle. While managing life, she works as a CFO at a small IT Company. She’s a dreamer who enjoys music, laughter and a good story.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Catalogue Phantasma

I just discovered my short story, Catalogue Phantasma, is available on Amazon and through Max Avalon shorts. This was my sixth place winner in the Zharmae annual short story contest and I am criminally proud of it.

The story is about a catalog addict who owns a storage unit facility. She repossesses a unit from a non-paying customer and finds it full of books, books, books...and one very out of the ordinary catalog. When she works out that the catalog can allow her to dream about anything she likes, the addiction is taken to a whole new level. 

I'm so tickled this one is in print and available. It' also a part of the Irony of Survival anthology, a great collection of stories. But if you are interested in the short only, it can be found at Amazon and the Publisher's Website.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Expectations and Two Movies: Gravity and Legends of the Guardians

I had an abject lesson in expectations this weekend. Not that I didn't understand the concept before, but it really came home hard by accident via a couple of films. I believe our expectations severely affect our experiences. If we expect too much, sometimes, mediocre can become catastrophic by comparison. Likewise, when we expect something to be horrific, and it turns out to be "not so bad," it can seem like it was a lot better than that.

Childbirth for one thing. I was terrified of it for thirty plus years. Built it up to be horrifying beyond reason and when I had a fairly smooth delivery, (not completely easy but not traumatic either) It felt like a trip to Disneyland. It wasn't, let me tell ya, but by comparison to the horror I was prepared for, eureka.

So this weekend I watched two very different movies. The first one, Legends of the Guardians, I had a pretty blah expectation for. I mean, it's owls. Kind of cool in premise, but supposedly for kids, and also, the reaction it received from others left me thinking it might stink.
"I'm not going to be epic."

So when the movie was dark, engaging, bad ass and artistically almost flawless...when the characters were ALL sympathetic and well built and the action had me scooting closer to the TV and telling the kids to "shut it!" I was floored. I was like, 

It was. Awesomely epic. It was Secret of Nihm epic, and that's saying a lot. I'm a big fan of Justin the Rat as best animated hero ever. Guardians: A++ for exceeding expectations.

Then I watched Gravity. 

"Everyone says I'm epic."

Let's preface this by pointing out that I like space...a lot. I used to watch the freaking NASA channel and think it was engaging and fun. (Damn you direct TV for taking away my space channel) I'm a pretty easy sell when it comes to stories set in space. Everyone, everyone, everyone said Gravity was epic.


It was the opposite of epic. It bored the shit out of me. There were some pretty shots of Earth, sure. There were two action scenes that had some cool effects. Otherwise, SNOOZE fest. There were two characters, and only one of them was mildly interesting. It was not the main character, unfortunately. The main character was intentionally meh. Then, they clumsily and obviously tacked on some sad history too late for it to make me like her. I felt manipulated into contrived empathy. 
I felt sleepy. 

Not epic. 
Soooooooooooooooooooo not epic. 

But maybe, I just had too high expectations? You never know. My spouse had the same reactions, and in fact, we were kind of afraid to admit it. Like, if we said, you know what this is kind of a crap movie, the other one would go, oh you poor, unenlightened idiot. 
When we finally looked over at one another, however, the glassy eyed boredom on both our faces concurred. 

Not invested. I got what they wanted me to feel... I just couldn't join them for the trip.

Expectations not met. 

Maybe it's like they teach us in retail. You should definitely under promise and over deliver. Because the other way around can really bite you in the ass. 

And I already watched Guardians a second time. :)
Wishing the hubby had rented Gravity instead of buying the blue ray. 

Maybe it's just me.
Chime in if you loved it instead. I'd be happy to hear it was just us.


Monday, February 24, 2014

The End of the Slime Trail

I'm feeling very "end of an era" today.

The first story I ever wrote and published independently was my Space Slugs web serial. Book one finished and went to print and e-book several years ago. Book two, Slug Opera, will be posting its last installment this week. I'm fairly certain there won't be a book three, or if there is, it will not begin as a web serial like its predecessors.

It's been a really fun ride. The crew of the Slug One were a hoot to hang out with, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. The audio book of Space Slugs is in production, and I have a feeling it's going to be pretty awesome. But I have other books to write now, and that's a good thing...right?

I have other webserials to write as well.  Much Ado About Bluebottes is still chugging along on its own website, and now, The Earth Tigers, is in process at Jukepop serials. That one will also be airing as audio serial on the home site and my youtube channel. It's going to be a lot of fun as well.

So it's not like I'm in any danger of getting bored. :)

But I'm going to miss the slugs, not just the literal Space Slugs, but the metaphorical ones, the crew of the Slug One: Zora, Murray, Rook and Ignatius. Hell, I'm even going to miss Zander a little....maybe a lot.

For anyone who followed along with the story, thanks for sharing the journey. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and if you weren't with us from the beginning...there's still time to hop a swift shuttle to Zebezels for an Earth Burger and a lot of laughs.

See you in the stars,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Kindle Giveaway

Kindle Fire Valentines
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Ongoing Serial Addiction

I am a child of whims at time. I get "hooked" on things, and yes, sometimes it is a silly dragon breeding game on facebook... (still can't get them to make a poo dragon!) or the koi app on my tablet that I am now chained to (or the poor things go belly up!).

But sometimes I get addicted to something truly cool. Most of the ridiculous fads pass and I let the Neopet die, or stop logging into the dragon world, or what have you. I get it out of my system, get over it, and move on.

But serials have really hooked me....from day one. And they have held me fast too.

One of the first things I ever published was a web serial. Space Slugs is now finished, metamorphosed into a book, ebook and soon-to-be audio book, and the second one, Slug Opera, is on its next to last episode. I haven't been an enormous serial success, let me tell you. I'm pretty much talking to the crickets out there, but I have no intention of stopping either, and I'll tell you why.

I love them.

Simple enough answer. I love the format, the deadline the multiple cliffhangers. I love them. I read them too, and that's a big deal to me, living on both sides of the fan/author barrier. (which is in itself a fiction construct...but that's a different rant)

So when I discovered Jukepop, it wasn't surprised that I climbed aboard as fast as I could. I signed up and started reading and wow was I shocked at the awesome talent on there. Great stories, really strong writing, the kind of thing that throws me straight into a tide of self doubt and chocolate nibbling for days on end. I found at least a half dozen serials that I wanted to keep reading, plopped them onto my bookshelf for new chapter updates, and then got busy working on submitting one of my own.
(cause the self-doubt only lasts so long)

Today I got the answer and I am so tickled I can't stop...you guessed it, nibbling chocolate again.

The new story, The Earth Tigers, is now available through Jukepop and I am officially a Jukepop author.

Also...it has big spiders.
can't go wrong there.

Have a peek?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Packing for Con

It's convention season again...
and I'm a little bit excited.

Just because I spend most of the year writing my large, aging buttocks off, (that's my five year old's new favorite word: buttocks. She uses it whenever she possibly can find an opening) doesn't mean I'm not an enormous fan. I am. A fan. First and foremost.

So when con season rolls around, I do start packing up inventory and arranging panels and promotions and hand outs, yes...but mostly I'm dreaming of that Romulan ale they serve in Ten Forward, and the costumes and the stuff to buy....wow, the stuff to buy. 

Alongside my "author" prep, I gather my fan gear. My Star Fleet insignia, my costumes, jewelry and books that I want to get signed. 
This year, I got really fancy and I made this:

It's a Horgh'an, and I'm super proud of it. I meant to bring it to show off and to keep in the hotel room. I meant to. Unfortunately, the Horgh'an will not be coming to con. You see, my husband looked it up on the internet. 


It's still pretty cool, right? Even if it has to stay home. I bust my ass charting that bad boy. (So bad! Look it up, go on.) 

Anyway. I'm off to convention. I hope to see some of you there. If you miss it, I'll do a report when I return, 
We have dealer's room this year....I'm hoping its very close to Ten Forward. 

Bring on the Ale!