Thursday, August 27, 2009

Foreign (Author) Exchange

I'm going abroad. Not, a broad...abroad. I'll be guest blogging at the Virtual Romance and Erotic Author blog on Saturday. Come on over and have a read and check out the other authors there as well.

In return, we will be hosting the wonderful, Colleen Love, this week. She'll be stopping by on the thirty first to post for our reading pleasure. You can see more about her at her lovely website. (I definitely need to consider a template or fork out the dough for a designer) Her page makes mine look downright wonky.

I'll give her a proper intro before she arrives. This is just a heads up.


1 comment:

Colleen Love said...

Hey Frances!
Guess what? My website is totally free and that is a template from the Webs website. It is really easy to set up and I really REALLY love it. They have a bazillion to choose from too! :D go to and have a look! :)They are pretty cool!

Oh and I am glad you like my site (despite the fact that I totally neglect it *sigh*). hehe Thank you!