Sunday, August 16, 2009

Go, Go Gadget!

Well with all this talk (and debate) about e-books and the peripheral discussions about the little readers themselves, I've been thinking about gadgetry. . . in a futuristic/science fiction (sci-fi!) sort of way. Sometimes I feel like we've spent the last ten years in technological limbo. . . what have we been doing with our time? Making phones smaller and smaller so that now there is no WAY you're not going to lose that little hardly seems productive.

I think of the things that we haven't managed to accomplish yet and have to shake my head. This is the Twenty first century! It's the future now! What have we got to show for it? tiny phones.

I want the big three. . . you know what they are, right? guesses? How about:
#1- Get me off this rock! Space travel, warp drive, light speed, call it what you like and I don't care how you go about it. Let's just get on it, okay? I agree 100% with the physicist who said we can't afford to be a one planet species anymore...(that's a paraphrase, and I wish I remembered his name) Let's get on with spreading throughout the galaxy and populating other worlds so that when we send this one down the toilet, well, you get the idea.
#2-No flying cars, no flying cars! This one is Lewis Black's, but I'm borrowing it. The biggest disappointment of the millennium? Where the hell's my hover car?
#3-Beam me what? Teleporters. See above.


Aside from the big three, I can think of a few gadgets for sheer entertainment, or general usefulness that I would love to have access to. Replicators come to mind. Usually only when I have to cook, though. Holo-decks. (I'm a writer, I'm supposed to live in a fantasy world...don't judge me.) That sweet gadget from the Fifth Element that does your nail polish. Remember it? The secretary kept popping a finger in the box and it would come out perfectly colored. I think that's my favorite. I mean, I've never done my nails without messing up at least one of them.

In my own fiction I've invented pyramid dimensional travelers (more fantasy than science, I'm afraid) High tech electric Ukulele's, and cigarettes that your doctor would approve of, (the brands are: Harmless and Hazard Free) as well an electronic canvas, or E-sel pad, that uses a stylus stroke in combination with emotional projections to paint.

Still, I haven't stretched so far as calorie free chocolate yet. . . Maybe next book.
SO, dear readers...what are your favorites? Is there a high-tech wonder that you wait impatiently for? What about one you long to invent? Your favorite from fiction/film? You know you want to share, and I would love the comment.

And a robot that does my dishes!


Mocastles said...

OOh, I like all of your favorite gadgets. I also like the replicator especially from the original Star Trek where you had a little colored card you shoved in a slot, not the super fancy one where all you had to do was talk. Too easy. What are we? Greek Gods?

Vanessa said...

Hmm, I like the replicators, naturally, lighsabers, and the automatic bed making technology on the 5th Element.


Frances Pauli said...

Man, I forgot about that one! Fifth Element is great for odd gadgets...."auto-wash"



Emmy said...

I want to have a device that records your dreams so you can remember thoses little boogers! Plus the really good ones you could go back and watch again. And I want to teleport damn it! I want to see my friends without having to do so much driving, that way I can stay longer! lol. GO GO TEC!!!!

Frances Pauli said...

Em, that's awesome. You won't believe me, but about a week back I wrote a little note in my "ideas" book that said: Dream recorder, story idea"
Great minds think alike.