Sunday, September 20, 2009

You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape...

... ya don't spi-it in the wind, you don't pull the mask off the ol Lone Ranger and ya don't....
Mess around with somebody. Love that song. You'll have to excuse me, I got my golden ticket this weekend, and I'm in a great mood.

do do do do do.

So, since I have that song stuck in my head, and I've been cruising around the net looking at author promotion services...and reading editor's blogs. I've been thinking about all the things that an aspiring author should be remembering NOT to do. When we started out, I posted a couple of blogs on this topic, but I feel it deserves to be revisited, reworded, revamped, remodeled and subjected to some additions.

Just like in the song, most of these things should be common knowledge. After reading some editor's blogs (including my own) I'm afraid that's not really the case. sigh. I keep hoping that editors, agents and other literary professionals are making up these horror stories for our entertainment and to keep us in line. That would sit better with me than believing an author would be moronic enough to call and cuss out and insult an editor that is STILL CONSIDERING THEIR MANUSCRIPT. . .


I have to shake my head in complete befuddlement. If you've ever done that...(I know you haven't, but the one idiot who did might wander by and read this someday) please read my post on Petitioning the King. . . then give up writing and go into something where you can vent your idiocy more freely, maybe the Law? Reality TV?

For the rest of us, along with not peeing near an electric fence, let's consider:

Don't give away your rights. . . Don't post it anywhere public (yes, your blog is public) if you ever want to sell it. Reprint rights are not saleable in the real world. Maybe when you're famous, but not now.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you... yes, that would be agents, editors, publishers, other authors (see "peers" in the dictionary and play nice) and YES that editor that has had your manuscript one day longer than you think is acceptable...maybe he likes it just enough to be considering and considering...

Don't pay for something you can get for free...this one might take some research, but if you're going to cave and go the self-publishing route, DON'T pay Publish America to do it for you. They are not offering anything you can't get from a legit P.O.D. service, except that they might spam the crap out of your friends and family. Also, if you have any talent at all with a graphics program, don't pay for: banners, logos, etc. that you could easily whip up on your own.

Some things are worth footing the bill for. A website without adds all over it is one. If you're html challenged like myself, then you may also need to cave and pay a page designer. (haven't taken that plunge yet, too stubborn and convinced I can figure this crap out.)

I am also developing a dangerous belief that I can put together my own book trailers... for a lot less money. I'm almost convinced I can do a virtual tour without paying a service. Hell, they list the places where they're booking folks right on their pages. May take footwork, but why not go around the middle man?

We'll see in the end whether I pay or play on my own. Just remember there are a lot of people out there trying to make money off of the fact that you want to be in print, bad. You get to make your own decisions. I'm just saying, do your research and double check everything. The majority of the money should be flowing TO the author, not from them.

So, just to end this on an up note I'll add the proverbial do's ... do believe in yourself, do keep trying and trying and trying, do stay true to your vision/voice, etc etc, bla bla bla.

And if you think I'm being a touch harsh, you should read my editor's blog series for writers.
She even scares me a little ;-)



Lynn Andrade said...

Cursing out an editor with an active submission? Seriously? People do that? Wow.

Frances Pauli said...

That's what I said...well, actually I said, "Holy brass cajones, Batman!"

same idea. ;-)