Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Expectations

Ever had expectations so high that disappointment became inevitable?
Right. Me neither.

I'm learning though, about expectations, and I've come up with a sure fire solution to post excitement let-down.
Lower them--a lot.

When I decided to have children, it was with much trepidation. I'm not going to come off well here, but I had an extremely low opinion of parenthood, pregnancy and childbirth for most of my young life. I was terrified by the entire concept. So sue me. I came around eventually.

Anyway, I had mostly convinced myself I would probably die in childbirth--thanks to a few unfortunately timed episodes of ER and a healthy imagination. But, at 31 years old, I'd also come to terms with the fact that I wanted children pretty badly.

After my first was born (I miraculously survived it) I was speaking with an old friend who knew me during the pregnancy paranoia and also had inside information about my history of depression. She was shocked to discover that I hadn't suffered ANY post-partum depression. In fact, I was blissfully thrilled by the entire motherhood experience. My pregnancy was pleasant, labor was easy, childbirth was almost fun....almost. And parenthood exceeded every expectation I'd ever imagined.
Well, that wouldn't be hard, would it?

But seriously. Nothing compares to how wonderful it is. When she wondered why I didn't experience post-partum, all I could say is, my expectations were SO low that the reality seemed like a breeze.

Ha. It works, see?

Now, can we tie this in to writing? Why yes, we can.
I have four books contracted with publishers...think I may have mentioned that somewhere. (grin) But I've been waiting for those first cover designs with a serious case of the "mental cringes."
I mean, I've looked around. I know the score. I went to art school. Bad art happens.
Sometimes with e-books, it happens in spades.

Let's just say my expectations were pretty low, and I was okay with that.
I've mentioned the "glossy cover trade paperback with the awful art and my name in sort of big letters on it" a few times here as well.

And today it came. The email from an art director, the glowing blue link to my cover design. Deep breath

Swoon. I love it. :-) And not just because it's mine...but it is. It's mine and you can't have it.
My husband loves it as well, so I figure I'm not delusional. He doesn't even mind the uber hunk.

What's the moral here? Lower those expectations and you win! Or maybe that's not the best moral. Either way, I'm blissful again, and I'm going to share it.
Happy Happy Frances, and a big round of cheering for my wonderful cover artist at Devine Destinies.

Coming soon...


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It's so encredible. My friend, the Author. Perhaps, one day, when life is less hectic *laughs and rolls eyes* you'll be able to say the same thing about me.