Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Author Greta Gunselman Talks about Twitter

Today we are joined by author, Greta Gunselman. She has generously offered to stop by and share some great information about the value of Twitter for authors. Since we're talking about one of my favorite social media sites, I have to agree with her!

Please give a warm welcome, and your comments to our guest author. Greta, thanks for coming.

The Value of Twitter for Aspiring Writers

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, Twitter can be helpful to any writer-even aspiring ones. If you’re unpublished or have few credits to your name, you might think you don’t have much to offer readers or fellow writers—and you’d be wrong.

As a beginning writer myself, I offer all kinds of things to my followers. I write mainly romantic fiction, so I offer things that promote romance. I might be marketing freely for others, but I’m offering something of value to my followers.

Who are my followers? Other writers and people interested in romance. By targeting people who enjoy romance, I am creating a following of people who might enjoy my published work when the time comes. By following and being followed by other writers, I am establishing important relationships. One that offers an exchange of promotion and information.

Networking, however, isn’t limited to just writers…what about agents, publishers and other industries and associations?

When choosing who you want to follow, consider your focus as a writer. If you write police thrillers, target businesses and individuals interested or associated with law enforcement. This way, you keep up with changes in the industry and have access to a lot of experts. By following publishers and agents which represent your genre, you stay up to date on what they are looking for, what their pet peeves might be and hints on queries that stand out in their mind-be it good or bad.

Twitters value to writers is more than just marking and networking. It also offers writers the ability to stay tuned into industry changes, experts and so much more. It can hook you up with anyone anywhere and with a 140 character limitation, you have to make your words count. This inability to “just talk” can help keep you centered on whatever goals you set for yourself.

Author Bio:

Greta is a lover of all things romance. She is working on her very first novel and has many short stories in the works. She is a member of Momwriters, She Writes and MuseProphets. Greta participated in Kiwi Writer's Southern Cross Novel Writing Contest 2009, and MuseWriters Online Conference 2009. She lives in Texas with her hero, two angels, dog and demon cat. You can find out more about Greta by going to her website, www.killerromance.com or following her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/gretawrites.

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Mocastles said...

Great blog, Greta. I can really see the value of Twitter to writers and business people. I esepcially liked the point about following Twits from sources that support my intersts.