Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Expecting!!

Not a baby, are you nuts?
I've got my hands full already with toddlers and I'm not getting ANY younger.
(despite chanting and tossing herbs on the fire--maybe I should rub them on my face?)


No, but I am expecting... a new release and a new book to bring into the world, a new cover, a new tour, a new everything. sigh.
I just love births. (Especially when I'm not directly involved) There's so much fervor, such excitement, so many things to do. . . ummmmmmmm.

Eeek. The to-dos again.

SO many things to do. So many deadlines to hit, so many things coming in and going out. Things to sign and things to approve and things to change and things to schedule, track, write and purchase and and and.

I'm having more fun than should be legal.
And of course, I'm up to my neck in Nanowrimo prep as well.
A busy soul is a happy one.

Here's hoping I come out on the other side in one piece.

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