Sunday, January 2, 2011

Secret Squirrel

Personally, I liked Morocco Mole...yeeeessss

Anyway. Im having an impromptu give-away.
It's a snap. Just drop a comment here anytime before Friday night at midnight and I'll put your
name in a hat. On Sat. morning I'll draw a winner for a free copy of either Lords of Oak and Holly or New Canterbury Affair.

Now, it's a secret squirrel drawing. So I'm not telling anybody else, but you are free to pass it along. . . if you like. I mean, it'll just lower your chances if everyone comments, right?

Okay, I'll wait while you decide. In the meantime what should we talk about?
On the Secret Squirrel train, lets say old school cartoons. Did you have a favorite? Many? Which animated antic do you miss the most?
I liked the Blue Falcon and Dynomut, Captain Cave man and Up and Attem Atom Ant!

~ Frances


Babyblue22 said...

Squirrel is the word!
I would have to say I my favorites would be Inspector Gadget & the Wacky Races with all of the classic cartoon characters in it.
Thanks for the secret give-away!

Frances Pauli said...

Oh, I liked the wacky race one too. It had like Schmedly and Penelope pitstop...
I also liked Wally Gator, Huckleberry hound etc. and I think some of them made it into that race as well.
Thanks for the comment! Good luck. :-)


Jaleta Clegg said...

I liked the old Bugs Bunny, especially his Arabian Nights stories. "Hassan, chop!!!" Oh, yeah.

I was deprived as a child. My dad wouldn't let us watch much tv, especially not Saturdays when the cartoons were on. By the time we finished all our chores, only HeeHaw was on.

But Santa is much more generous to my kids. They got all sorts of animated tv series on DVD. Dungeon & Dragons, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and Prince Valiant. Now we're talking.

Frances Pauli said...

Santa brought me a treadmill....
I think its a hint about the stubborn belly, arm and face fat.

but I love it. I'll watch old cartoons while Im sweating.

~ Frances

Frances Pauli said...
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Emmy said...

U know I don't like squirrels!!!!! But I do so love your work so I shall look past the evil squirrels and post away as long as u keep them with u. My fav oldie cartoon was the horse that went around hitting people with his guitar> But I got band from watching it when I was little after I hit my sister in the head with mine. rofl.

Frances Pauli said...

Was that Quick Draw McGraw?? LOL
I never thought of my Ukulele as a weapon before....hmmmm


Frances Pauli said...

Babyblue22 congratulations on being drawn for the ebook! :-) My kiddo pulls the slips from a hat, and you're it.

So, just let me know which book you would like and the email to send it to.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the read,

Babyblue22 said...

I would love a copy New Canterbury Affair please!
And you can send it to
Thanks for the secret squirrel drawing!

Frances Pauli said...

It's on it's way! Thanks.
I hope you enjoy the story, it's one of my favorites. :-)

Can I have favorites?

Oh well.