Friday, May 20, 2011

Its me on WKRP!

Am I the only one who loves that show? Johnny Fever? Dropping Turkeys out of a plane on thanksgiving? Awesome.

Anyway...I got to play on the radio the other day, and I had a fabulous time. You can hear the interview here, at the Romance Radio Network. Part of the reason I had such a great time, is the show's host, Desmond Haas, who is an angel and an intellectual and a wonderful author. He made me feel so at ease. . . though, you might not be able to tell as I apparently say, "Um, and UH" a lot more than I ever guessed! :-) You'll see. Check out the show, if for no other reason than to count my ums.

While you're there, follow Desmond, listen to some other shows, (with more eloquent authors) and enjoy my newest addiction. The Romance Radio Network.

You can listen there, or on the player below.


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