Monday, November 7, 2011

Treading the Nanowrimo Waters

This year, Nanowrimo just might be the death of me. I know I say that every year, but this time, I almost mean it. We are looking week two straight in the face, one week down, ten thousand words added to the stubborn, WIP of doom, and I'm doing it. I'm getting the words out, filling the plot out, catching my stride. Still, so far, I've barely managed to keep my head above water.

Each night since the Nov. 1 kick off, I have slid like a runner into home plate, nattering off my final word count seconds before midnight. I've yet to lag behind, but it's not like I'm cruising ahead either. In fact, this may be the most lackluster, low energy, sort of blah nano I've ever experienced.

I worried that the story might be suffering for my lack of enthusiasm, but so far, according to a quick re-read this morning, it seems to be faring okay. It's just my spirit that's flagging, I suppose. It's just my fingers that tap sluggishly away at that count, making the grade each day, but only just.

Perhaps, I'm suffering from week two ahead of time. If so, maybe when the clock turns over tonight, I will catch an early week three puff of steam and write like the wind again. Here's to hoping. Here's to keeping my head above water, even if it is just barely above water. At least there are words coming out.

So tell me how your nano is going? Perhaps your flood of creative inspiration will wash over and inspire me to greater daily counts. Perhaps, your insanely high word count will spark a competitive nerve and get me hustling to keep up. Either way, it can't hurt.
I'd love to hear some positive...or commiserate, should you be suffering the slow path with moi this year.

Still going, still going,

~ Frances

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