Monday, February 27, 2012

The Tribe Has Spoken

Okay, I am a huge, closet Survivor least I used to be. Admittedly, I've missed a few seasons, and also, I secretly wish they'd stop giving them all that rice and make them actually survive, but still. There's something about the words, Tribal Council, that gives me goosebumps.

So when I received and invite to join Triberr from a fellow fiction author, I'll confess, I was already pretty susceptible to loving it. I was predisposed to hop on board, so to speak, but I am so very glad that I was.

Before the groaning over yet another social media starts (oops, too late) let me say that I, too, am overwhelmed by the flood of new sites to learn, new profiles to build, new platforms to master and no time to do any of the above. Trust me, I didn't have time for Triberr. I didn't. I do NOW, but that's because I figured out rather quickly what the thing can do, and why I needed to be there. It may not be for you, but I think it's brilliant. Once I figured Triberr out, I realized I didn't have time NOT to do it.

But let's start with a few points that might save you time:

If you don't blog, there's not much in it for you...yet. The folks running the show seem to have a lot in mind for the future, but basically as it sits, Triberr is a blog amplifier. No blogging, no point.

If you don't Tweet, same as above. Though there are buttons on each share/approve to work with facebook, google + and an assortment of others, Triberr is primarily focused around auto-tweeting, so at the very least, you're going to want a Twitter account to broadcast to.

So let's say you do blog and you have a twitter account, then what? Why add to that list?
Here's what I love about it:

1. you don't promote yourself, you broadcast posts from your tribe members.
Okay, I write fiction, I hang out with fiction authors, I have seen way too much in the way of promote promote promote. I LOVE, absolutely love, that Triberr focuses the other direction. Support your friends and co-bloggers and they support you and maybe together we can stem the tide of "look at me, look at me!!"

2.They owners/founders of Triberr are up to their necks in it.
If you have a question or issue or ? there will be someone on the spot to help you out. There may be bugs, but there is also tons of help, and it's easy to find and navigate.

3.Easy. Triberr will have a learning curve, yes. It took me about half an hour to sort out. But it's clean, easy to navigate, and makes logical sense, unlike some places where I sat for an hour scratching my head and then gave up.

4.How cool is it to have a link that says Tribal Council?

5. Okay, seriously, the whole thing revolves around building little "strategic alliances" and helping each other out, so to be dead honest, how well it works for you will depend on who is in your alliance. Ally with people who you are proud to tweet about, post regular, quality content yourself, and give as much or more than you receive, and Triberr will SAVE you time. It will also get a lot more content into your Twitter stream, and as long as you are approving good, quality posts, that is a big plus.

It gets results fast too. So if you blog, try it out, and if you blog about any type of Speculative Fiction, scifi, fantasy, horror, or even a leeetle romance, let me know and I'll send you an invite to the Speculative Friction tribe. We can sit around that tribal fire together...and the best part? Nobody get's voted out.

~ Frances

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Tam Linsey said...

Speculative Friction - brilliant. I'd love to join your tribe - or have you in mine. Either way. @Tamlinsey