Friday, April 6, 2012

Fiesta! Blog Hop Easter Party

I love a good FIESTA...and yes, I am crossing blog hops. Is that allowed? I imagine a ghost buster somewhere warning, "Don't cross the streams!" 
Oh well. One fun plus another equals more fun in my book. 
So for you A to Z bloggers, here's a blog fiesta to explore, and for you Blog Hoppers,
check out the A to Z party too! 

The more the merrier.
For all of you, I'll make anyone from either hop who comments on the three blog hop days eligible for the drawing for the free ebook. You pick from my backlist to one lucky winner. Just make sure you leave an email so I can contact you if you win. 

Happy Hopping! 



Kassandra said...

Wonderful hop and giveaway chance!

Kaylyn D. said...

I'll be back... tomorrow and Sunday! LOL I know a lame joke but I tried! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Easter!!

Cathy M said...

Thank you for participating
in the blog hop, and Happy Easter.

caity_mack@yahoo dot com

Kat said...

So much fun happening in one place. Awesome.
Happy Easter.


Z said...

Happy Easter!
Seawitch Reviews @

Z said...

Happy Easter!
Seawitch Reviews @

Krysykat said...

Have a great Easter!


Frances Pauli said...

Congratulations, Krysykat, the winner of our blog hop prize. :) You can choose any book from my "works" page
in e-book format.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by on the hop and a-z fest!