Friday, May 11, 2012

Aren't You A Little Short for an Alien?

My first collection of short stories, A Little Short for an Alien, has released on Kindle and in Print, but as a special launch promotion will be available for free on Kindle for the next three days. :)

You can snag a copy here:

Through Sunday.
Thanks Everyone!



Six inter-galactic tales...

From the Forbidden Zone to the Alien-Human relations department, these alien-infested romps explore encounters with a diversity of imagined species, scenarios and space disasters. 
Join Dylan Lowwater, lackluster employee at Space Station H22-J231, Jo Lorey, wayward musician desperate to communicate with a threatened race, and Lieutenant Commander Roe, just plain desperate, as they struggle against out-of-this-world obstacles. 

In a universe overflowing with tentacles and glow-gin, sometimes adventure is easier to find than a date. 

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Tyrean Martinson said...

I love your title!!! I'm off to amazon now!