Monday, August 6, 2012


I stayed up late last night watching the Curiosity rover landing feed on I sniffled a little when touchdown was confirmed, when those glorious science guys (and gals) got all teary and started shouting and handing out hugs.
I shivered and gave a little "squee."

Mars, baby.

Because I'm a huge scifi nut on top of being a wannabe space geek, I had to resist (okay, I didn't resist) the overwhelming urge to shout, "Barsooom!" In my dining room at 10:38pm. The rest of the family, in particular my husband who is required to wake up at 3am didn't appreciate my reference, let me tell ya.

Still, I'm excited about Curiosity because, not only is she looking for signs of water and life, she's measuring Martian radiation levels in preparation for sending people to mars. SENDING PEOPLE TO MARS is a big deal for me. I wish we'd done it ages ago, and I'm certainly glad they're finally, "getting on that."

Or at least thinking about it.

Anyway, if you too are interested in SENDING PEOPLE TO MARS, I have some cool links to check out.
First, go here and watch all the Curiosity hoopla:

If you wonder, hmm. why should we send people to mars, go here:
for the funniest, most awesome, delicious read about the possibilities of living on Mars.

It was written by a genius who heads up the Mars Society
and they are worth an explore too.

Every time I go to the site, read the book or look at the pictures, I can't help but hear Arnold's voice in my head, "Get your ass to Mars!"

Everyone know that reference? It's recently had a remake, yes?

Give a guess in the comments,


Voss Foster said...

Total Recall! Do I win something?


Frances Pauli said...

My eternal respect and admiration?

Or ummmm. Thinking, thinking. My recipe for Martian Tequila?


Greta said...

It's fabulous that we're finally seeing some more space exploration. I'm waiting for them to confirm we're all descended from the Martians.

Frances Pauli said...

Greta, if they work that out, we need to have one heck of a party!
Celebrate our Martian History day or something. :D