Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mercenary Romance Release Day

Amanda’s one fired-up mercenary, but the truth about her new commander just might be too hot for her to handle.

It's Release Day!!! 

When Amanda’s unit is assigned to a brand new base at the edge of company territory, she thinks she’s ready for anything until she wakes from cryo-sleep and finds that their new leader is far more than she expected.
    Mercenaries don’t have time for the feelings Commander Wells stirs in her and none of her training could prepare her for the instant heat between them. When the big brass orders her to spy on him, Amanda’s sense of duty takes her personal desires to task.
    Wells is keeping secrets, he’s behaving in unusual ways and suddenly Amanda has more to worry about than a few sparks. If the man she wants isn’t who she thinks he is, will the truth be too hot for her to handle?

Win a copy

I have a pdf copy to give-away to one commenter. Just post below and answer this question. I'll draw a winner from the correct responses. 

"Man on Fire is published by Extasy books. It is set in the same world and features the same mercenary corporation that Roarke does. Who is listed as the publisher of Roarke?" 

thanks everyone! Good luck!


Michael Baker said...

I believe it was Devine Destinies.
Congrats on another new book. :)

Voss Foster said...

Devine Destinies. Right? Yeah, that's got to be right.

Love the cover.


Jaleta Clegg said...

Devine Destinies. Roarke is still one of my favorites by you.

What's the heat level of Man on Fire (besides really hot and flaming)?

Frances Pauli said...

I called it two flames, they're listing it as three, but the story is not nearly so um...warm as the cover. :)
It's my usual. Nothing too naughty.

Frances Pauli said...

Congratulations Jaleta. :) I'll send you a copy today.

Cavin Jackson said...

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