Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tell A Story Day: Part 7

I am a very proud member of a group called the Genre Underground. Their focus is to match readers with fiction that they will enjoy and to promote reading and story-telling in general. This week, in honor of Tell A Story Day, the Genre Underground is compiling a group-told tale for your reading pleasure...and it is turning out to be a lot of fun.

You can find the list of participating authors here:
and the story so far here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 , Part 5 and  Part 6  Part 7 is below! :) As soon as it's up, I'll post a link to Part 8 as well.
Part10 you have to scroll past his firs contribution


(An elf, and android and a lawyer walked into a tavern...)

"Perhaps," The android swung the tankard into the side of a hairy skull as big as his torso. The glass shattered and rained sparkling shrapnel into the fur. It did little to deter the head's owner. "You should let the elf go...temporarily."

The lawyer ducked the right hook of a bugbear and shook his head. "He broke the law. Besides...he seems to be doing all right."

The android whirred in answer, dodging his four-armed assailant and managing to zap the creature with a significant blast from his finger lasers. The creature sagged, dropping to stumpy knees and releasing a flurry of dander and loose fur into the bar's already stuffy atmosphere. A troll stepped up to take the monster's place.

They could see the elf now and then, bobbing over the fray as the drunken mob played volleyball with his immobilized form.

"It's just..." The android sighed and blasted a smoking divot into the troll's chest. "He did provide a measure of assistance at the door."

"Indeed he did." The lawyer kicked his foe in a sensitive area and frowned as the furry body slumped to the boards. "But we have rules for a reason."

They pressed another step toward the back of the tavern. The bodies were beginning to pile up, and their instructions had specified the least amount of damages possible.

"I will assist you in restraining him again," the android continued. "But consider what might occur if the containment spell reacts with that cube in his..."

The tavern shuddered. Blue light blazed from the center of the mob, blinding bright, even filtered by the sea of thrashing, hairy limbs. The brawl froze. Fists held perfectly still. Punches pulled and kicks failed to land in knee or groin. Instead, a high whistle sounded. The light pulsed from blue to yellow.

The denizens of the Cloak and Dagger bolted in all directions.

"It would seem your fears were warranted," the lawyer observed. He lay on the floor, belly pressed tight to the boards. The tavern shook and trembled. The whistle squealed higher, and the lawyer stared into the light. "I suppose you want me to go fetch him now."

Beside him, the android grinned. "Affirmative."


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

lol. This is fun! I'm glad I saw the post and started at the beginning. Thank you!

Frances Pauli said...

I'm hooked too. I keep checking for the next part to go up! Glad you found it. :)