Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Web Comics that ROCK and Alien Mustaches

I have a crush on anyone who can draw comics. I tried, really. I mean it's harder than it looks. I can draw even. I can paint you whatever you like....but putting it into action, into little graphic boxes featuring the same character over and over? There, I am completely worthless. But I love them. I've loved comics since Arion Lord of Atlantis.

Go on, google it. I'm THAT old.

Now they have this webcomic thing and I'm loving it as well. It's a time sucker, though. I warn you. I started reading Space Trawler years ago after meeting the artist at Norwescon. (and buying his first book of strips) I'm so hooked on this series. It's kept me in comic bliss for years and now....sniff's ending.


I'm glad you asked, because in preparation for Trawler's final episode (and the ensuing mourning period) I've been collecting links to very wicked new strips and nurturing all new, replacement addictions.

Here are the ones I've latched onto:

Three Jaguars- Author, Marketer and Business divided into three separate and complimentary (when they're not fighting) characters. Lovely black and white strip with some great industry angle added in.
Check out PAGE ONE and read on from there.

Dresden Codak - Really gorgeous comic with a high science/aliens/scifi bent. I love this one. I finished the Hob storyline and am saving Dark Science for when I have a LOT of free time. Once you start, you'll pretty much want to read all of it in one sitting. Enjoy! 

Mo Stache - That's right. It's about a mustache....from space. Holy awesomesauce, Batman! I just found this one this morning and it's co-written by the amazing Brian Letendre who interviewed me for See Brian Write awhile back (interview here) and is a really cool guy...but I didn't know that he was THIS COOL. I mean, alien mustaches? I'm in serious smit with this strip.....


That's early morning-no makeup, folks. It's that cool. 

Reading some 'stache

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