Sunday, April 27, 2014

Upcoming Events

The Moses Lake Muses and the Colombia Basin Author's Guild, two groups that I belong to, have some events coming up in May that I will be participating in.

On May 10th, we'll be having the second annual library reading at the Moses Lake public library. This is a great chance to hear a diverse group of local authors reading from their current works, and the event is free.
Details are at:

The last reading was great fun and showcased some amazing stories.

On May 17th there will be a full day of writing classes, meet the local authors and readings at the Kindred Cauldron in Moses Lake. The itinerary and details are on the facebook page below, and we will be hosting giveaways and prizes during the evening readings.

If you are local to Washington state, and interested in seeing what our wordsmiths are up to, please enjoy either or both events.

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