Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I'm delighted to have been asked to participate in GISHWHES!!
Go team WILDCA(t)SLovesMayth!
Here's your story. :)


Misha Collins leaned over the body. The open-mouthed stare on the dead girl's face told the story. Shock, almost instant heart failure. The perfectly circular red abrasions criss-crossing her face were also consistent.
"Same as the last three." He moved the flashlight beam down the alley wall, settled on a scattering of dust-colored debris. "Peanut hulls."
Beyond the light, something crunched. A squishing sound echoed in the darkness. Misha drew his revolver and focused, illuminated a pulpy, flapping pink mass huddled beside the wall. "We've got an Elopus infestation."
A man's voice chittered from the com on his wrist. "You get it?"
"Yes." Misha nudged the body with his toe and the big ears fluttered. It clutched a scrap of paper in its trunk. He removed and examined the photo.
"Call it in. They're after the Queen of England."

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