The Decoy Bride Review

Whenever I find a new author movie, it's like a little dose of Christmas time out of season. Even if the flick turns out to be a stinker, it's another title to add to the list, and most days I'd rather watch a so-so movie about writers than not watch one. :)

Though, I'd usually still rather watch Star Trek.

I found The Decoy Bride by accident, someone mentioned it in a thread and didn't really say much about it, so I hunted it up on the suspicion that it might be "authorly." (It was a writer's page that posted the comment.) After I read the movie description, I still wasn't sure. So I popped open the Netflix queue and decided to watch and see.

I'm happy to say, The Decoy Bride, is in fact about a writer... sort of. It's actually about two. Two, awkward, understated, less than successful writers who are sort of thrown at one another by circumstances. Let romantic comedy ensue.

Actually, the romance portion of our film was not my favorite part. I'm not a huge David Tennant fan (I know, I know. You can throw rocks at me later) and the heroine was a tad too desperate, pathetic, etc for me to really latch onto her. That being said, I still enjoyed the movie. It's still worth watching, but the highlights for me fell into the "other" category.

The story itself is a bit predictable, but the side characters, the local quirks, and the island charm were enough to keep me entertained throughout. I love non-American films and this one didn't disappoint by offering a full dose of quirky, dry humor and quaint situations that kept me chuckling and watching with full attention.

It reminded me a great deal of other quiet films like Local Hero and The Matchmaker, and I would definitely recommend it. In particular if you are not handicapped by an irrational lack of Tennant-itis as I am. I actually liked the actress fiance that you were NOT supposed to be rooting for quite a bit. Her character really surprised me. I expected a spoiled, air-headed Hollywood starlet, and while she has some of that for certain, her character really morphed into a show stealer for me, and I found myself really rooting for her romance to blossom more than the main one. Go figure.

It's a cute film, has writing, books, true love etc.
Definitely worth watching.