"A solitary ship's captain meets a stowaway who is too good to be true..."

All Bottled Up

"A Jinni tells her story through her masters, good and bad, and finds a sympathetic, if surprising listener..."




  Frances Pauli Trading Cards

Featuring the covers from the author's books and e-books on the front, book stats and back cover blurb on the reverse.
Cards are available at signings and events, or by contacting the author at:
If you've purchased a book or ebook, please email the title and where purchased along with a snail mail address if you'd like to receive a trading card of the book.

  Cards will be given on a first come basis while supplies last. Print runs for each book card are limited.        

Card Series One: Black border cover
#1 Roarke
#2 The Dimensional Shift  OUT
#3 Lords of Oak and Holly  OUT
#4 New Canterburry Affair  OUT
#5 A Moth in Darkness  OUT
Card Series Two: Grayscale back image
#1 Friend or Foe
#2 Aspect Ratio
#3 Space Slugs
#4 The Fly in Paradise

The word “broad” came to mind. “Muscles” followed, and then “practically naked.” She sat up      straighter, but kept her eyes riveted. He wore a cryo suit, barely
“Damn.” She tapped the zoom again, and his face filled her view, tan skin, long, white-blonde hair.  His square jaw tensed and released quickly, and something
 around belly level squirmed inside her. Complications—she knew it. Flashing lights meant trouble. 
~ Complicated Cargo