Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fresh Eyes--Review

Just when you're ready to throw in the towel, the universe hands you a break. I'm posting an excerpt this week from a review of my manuscript, A Moth in Darkness. The book is unpublished as of yet, but the comments meant a lot to me. This is what it's all about, reaching readers. The review is reprinted with permission, and edited to omit spoilers.
Thanks to all in my life who have provided feedback.


I loved it!
I remember your blog about Friday in art class and will continue from I loved it to why.
I have read books before that for some reason just do not work. I am not trained or practiced at being a critic but I know what works and what does not even if I don't know why. Inconsistencies in the story line or things that just don't fit, too, long laborious explanations about places or people make me fall asleep.
There was enough descriptive force behind your words to walk me through a world I have never seen, that I would know and recognize the place if I ever stumbled into it.
From my own experience I find this work to be very refreshing in plot and story line. I love books with twists and turns in the plot and I love a good fantasy with elves and fairies to name a few. This one was a wonderful read with a story line that kept me riveted to the pages. I love the mix of old and new as well as the mundane and otherworldly realm of the imagination.
I think ya did a bang up job of grabbing my mind and showing it a world that I can very much believe in,
THAT is what makes a good story for me!
Have you ever been having the most wonderful dream and had some little something bump you out of it and then could not get back? That is what a good book is to me, one where my dream continues. You'd have to ask me about that explanation because I am not sure I could even find close to the right words to get that feeling across.
Now for the critique… I can think of a few things that would make this even better in my own mind and one of those would be simply… more.
I was literally crying when ...(spoiler --hehehe)
And thank you for not killing … (spoiler)
I was sooo relieved I wanted to jump up and down and kiss ya!
Keep up the wonderful work.
P.S. That Rich Bitch! Sylvia Strutmore……………..

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