Below are the reading orders for my various series along with short descriptions of the worlds involved.

The Changeling Race

Urban Fantasy. The borders between the mundane world and Fey are open, allowing travel and tourism between the two. A series of deaths with cross-world implications bring an agent from each embassy together to find the killer, but the investigation leads to a larger plot and a secret held in the Seelie court's memory that could rattle both the magic and mortal worlds. 

Book One: A Moth in Darkness
Book Two: The Fly in Paradise
Book Three: Spiders from Memory

Shift Happens

Scifi Romance: Chloe Watson, a hotel maid in a small tourist town, takes a job offer that proves out of this world. The Dimensional Shift is a hotel for inter-dimensional travelers, overflowing with the odd and unusual, but a string of thefts lead to a crime ring intent on stealing the hotel's  travel devices, ruining Chloe's new career, and  spoiling her chance at romancing the boss. 

Book One: The Dimensional Shift
Book Two: Aspect Ratio
Book Three: Echo Location

Soulstar Dragons

Urban Fantasy: A skeptical jewelry artist survives a car crash only to wake up with a brand new dragon who seems intent on ruining everything normal and peaceful in her life. If her new, mandatory best friend has his way, they'll end up taking over every dragon gang in Washington State, or possibly, just making her queen of the loony bin. 

Book One: Storm Dragon
Book Two: Shadow Dragon
Book Three: Sky Dragon


Scifi Romance. The Shrouded princes must find an protect their heartmates while keeping their world and culture alive. The entire galaxy wants to plunder Shroud for its riches and see the great Heart stone sold off to the highest bidder. But the Heart is more than just a jewel, and its plan for the Shrouded people will lead the princes into a danger straight from their veiled past, stirring an old enemy that could shatter their whole existence.

Book One: Shrouded
Book Two: Seen
Book Three: Eclipsed
Book Four: (coming in 2020) Exposed

Kingdoms Gone

Fantasy: After the Final War shattered magic, those who still practice use pockets of Old Space as sanctuaries and sources of power. From wish-granting goodmothers to trickster skinners, fiends, tinkers and gobelins, the remnants of all magical races must come together to heal their world, or banish their own kind from the Kingdoms forever.

Book One: Unlikely
Book Two: Horded
Book Three: Forgotten
Book Four: Blame the Bearer
Book Five: (coming in 2020) Powers that Be
(books in the Kingdoms Gone series are able to read as stand alone stories, but there is a benefit to the overarching timeline if read as listed above)

Dogs of War

Paranormal/Romance: Soulmates are real, but so are the demons that hunt them. Freed from hell by a bargain that pits dog against demon, the soul-less parasites follow their twin souls through lifetime after lifetime, feeding off of the pair's emotions and sowing tragedy at every opportunity. Only the brave souls who handle the demon-hunting dogs can hope to stop the cycle, but how do you stop a creature that can leap from body to body? And how are you supposed to hunt something that's already hunting you?

Dogs of War Book One: Vertigo
Corduroy County Coven Book One: Familiar
Dogs of War Book Two: Demon Dogs
Corduroy County Coven Book Two: Fetching
Dogs of War Book Three: Cry Havoc

The Corduroy County Coven novellas are not incidental to the Dogs of War plot, but set in the same world/timeline. Chronologically, they occur as listed above.

Space Slugs 

Humorous Scifi: Doctor Murray and her fun-loving/everyone loving sister Zora travel the galaxy with their rescued android, Rook, a pair of rare giant space slugs and a heap of inter-galactic problems that lead them from one insane situation to the next. From clone planets, to anti-grav night clubs, space pirates to alien zoos, Zora and Murray are dead set on adventure, humor, and romance.

Book One: Space Slugs
Book Two: Slug Opera