Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Last Monday, something new happened. As new things go, this one rocked.
What happened was that I didn't get a rejection email... are you with me?
No? Well I do tend to babble.
So, what I did get was an acceptance, a sale, and a tiny little contract.

Sometimes, that is the only word that works. Woot! I haven't a clue what it means,
but nothing else seems appropriate.

I find myself reaching for the champagne, but before I get there, let me
We're talking a small sale, here...a one time thing, a short story, an e-zine, a new one at that.
Woot! who cares and pop that cork!

I feel like I've lost my virginity. (Is that okay for the PG 13 set?) Never again will I get that first sale offer. Never again can I say I'm unpublished, unsold--even if I get nothing but rejects from here on out--and that's a good thing, right?

Well, that tiny knot of terror rears it's ugly head again, what if I get nothing but rejects from here on out?
Somebody get me a hammer so I can squash that thing for good.
Today, I'm giddy, aglow, on fire...
talk to me about rejects tomorrow.

Oh happy day,

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Eldheni said...

Congrats Frances. That first sale is a sweet sweet thing. REVEL is it!