Friday, June 5, 2009

At the Bijou

Anyone old enough to remember Saturday at the Bijou? No?

I'm up for something fun and frivolous this week, and I've been watching a lot of
movies about writers or writing, so let's take a tour and sink to the
un-intellectual level of list making.


Becoming Jane:
Actor: Anne Hathaway
A period romance and biography of Jane Austin. I just watched this one and it
was lovely, if a bit tragic. I have no idea how accurate it is.

Finding Forrester:
Actor: Sean Connery
I've only seen fragments of this film, which is not a statement about its quality,
I just seem to keep coming in half-way through. I enjoy the writing sessions between
the main characters, but the film seems a bit angst-y.

The Duplex:
Actor: Ben Stiller
Not a big fan of Stiller's, but this one is funny. Heart stopping moment: the death of the

Orange County:
Actor: Some guy... real show stealer- Jack Black
I own this one. Funny enough to require Depends. Favorite line: "Has anyone seen my piss?"

Nihm's Island:
Actor: Jodie Foster
Priceless. Basically a kids movie, the relationship between author and character is highly
entertaining. Romancing the stone for youngsters.

Stranger than Fiction:
Actor: Will Farrell, Emma Thompson
Will Farrell at his best. Thompson is always brilliant. This one's the masterpiece.

Romancing the Stone/Jewel of the Nile
Actor: Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, That guy who played El Guapo
The big duo. Classic author as unwitting adventurer. Who doesn't love that guy who played
El Guapo? "I read your books, I read all your books!"

Actor: James Kaahn
Uber creepy, for some reason, I love this movie. Go figure. Psychotic fans with unhealthy obsessions...and a sledge hammer.

Secret Window:
Actor: Johnny Depp
Also seriously creepy. Nice twist and a lot of suspense. Still, not one of my personal favs.

So I Married an Axe Murderer:
Actor: Michael Myers
Okay, so he's a poet. I just love this movie too much to leave it out.

There are more, I know it. Dozens of period pieces and biographies... any more comedies?
Help me out and add your favorites, or not so favorites in the comments.


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Elle Scott said...

Misery!! How could I ever have forgotten Misery as one of the best movies about writers! Thanks for a terrific list!