Saturday, September 5, 2009

Here be Dragons...

I want my golden ticket. I'll explain.

You see, a few years back a friend of mine had her twentieth High School reunion. She went, under duress, because her friend explained about the golden ticket. This friend of a friend had a simple theory: if you go to your twentieth High School reunion, you get a free pass, a golden ticket so to speak, from then on. Smooth sailing, life is sweet, I can handle anything-the golden ticket.

It may not be true, but I want mine. If there's any chance of getting it, I'm going. Despite the fact that I don't like to pin down my age (which, annoyingly, keeps increasing) and the fact that I know you can do simple math, I'm going to admit that I'm staring my twentieth dead in the face.

What the heck does this have to do with writing? Well, aside from the fact that I'm so busy fretting over the impending horror that I haven't written a word for weeks (blogging aside) I think the golden ticket theory has to do with a universal theme that is, in fact, key in literature. That would be the facing of the proverbial dragon, the tackling of inner demons, the confrontation of the enemy within. Mythic? Yes. Universal? You bet'cha. Fun.... The verdict is still out.

Why do we love flawed protagonists? Villains with at least some redeeming qualities? (As opposed to the flat, one dimensional evil maniac-who, I admit, can be fun on occasion) I think it's because inner conflict is almost as essential to riveting plots as outer conflict is. . . it may even be equal to it.

Wait, what? You don't have any inner conflict related to high school? No insecurities? Embarrassments? Slight concerns? What can I say except, go. Right now, get out of my blog. No, wait. I'm not that bitter, but seriously, none? Wow.

For me, the past is loaded. I believe that I've overcome it, that I really could care less about the old demons. So why worry? Well the true test is face to face isn't it? I mean in theory, everything is easy. Put to the test...who knows? Not me Kemosabe, not me. (I have to snicker here, because a friend just told me what Kemosabe really means...mental note, stop using that phrase)

In the end, I don't think the results matter. Not of the silly reunion at least. It's the showing up that counts. Internal conflict resolved. Get back to the story. Because this story, like most of the truly good stories, keeps going. There will be a bigger demon after this one. I'll have my golden ticket. Bring it on.

But I tell ya, the next field excursion I have to take had better involve Storm Troopers or I'm going to get mighty cranky.

To the future,



Lynn Andrade said...

You know, it's going to be cake for you.

Frances Pauli said...

Thank you!

I like cake...cake is good.