Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Love It When A Plot Comes Together!

So back to NaNoWriMo...Anyone old enough to get the title reference?
I had such a crush on Face.

About half way through week three my Nano-novel rebelled on me. If you read my blog semi-regularly, you'll know that's not a terribly rare occurrence. I'm a firm believer in a loose rein with my characters, plot, etc. and I love the happy little surprises that I find in my manuscripts without any memory of putting them there.

I don't do drugs, I swear. I may have early onset Alzheimer's, but that's a different topic.

Back to week three. Around Wednesday I caught a bad case of I-don't-want-to-write-anymore-itis. I farted around and did anything I could think of to avoid my gleaming, tooth gnashing laptop. I even did dishes--it was that bad.
I whined, I stomped my feet, I called my friends and then ignored their advice. Classic symptoms. I had it bad. And I wasn't writing a single word. Not Wednesday, no way.

If I were prone to panic (not anymore, been there, done the Zoloft) I might have let the mini-bout of writer's block snowball into something more dangerous. Thankfully, I'm too lazy to have anxiety anymore, and when I woke up Thursday, I was so over it.

And when I sat down at the shiny, much more domesticated laptop, the miraculous thing happened. The thing I live for. The magickal, unexpected snapping into place of all the ridiculous, disjointed, dead-end, confusing plot meanderings. They behaved. They lined up and made sense--beautiful, coherent, page turning, sense.
My characters revealed deeper motivations, my conflict took a serious turn, and suddenly, I could see it--there at the end of the tunnel--the key to unraveling and tying up a great, cohesive ending.

And so I remembered that show...and that ridiculous line. "I love it when..."

I hope your NaNos are going remarkably well.