Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Fandom of the Opera

Wow, that's a stretch. Okay...

In my inbox this morning I found an announcement about the 80th anniversary of Science Fiction fandom. It contained the following links: blog

A memoir of the
one of the first SciFi club members, written in 1961

In the spirit of celebrating eighty years of fandom, I'm dedicating today's blog to fans of science fiction and fantasy everywhere. Here's drinking a pan-galactic gargleblaster to you!

Mr.(or Mrs) Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan

Here's to artificial intellligence,
To anime and androids and Captain Antillies...
to Bajorans, and Bobba Fette and Bug eyed Monsters,
to cat people and cosplay and cyborg conventions,
To the Disc World and data pads and Dr. Who fanatics.
The Elves and Ewoks
and Everything Firefly.

To Fairies. To the future, to filk and Ferengi
To Gamers and Gygax and Grok and Garignak
To holo suites (ahem) and hover cars
To Ice Pirates (go 80's) and Jump Drives
To Jabba and Klingons and Khan and...
James Tiberius Kirk, people.

Here's to light sabers and lasers and Lucius Malfoy....
To Mars and McCoy, Moon Maidens and Mulder.
To Nemoy and Norton, to Niven and
The Nothing.
To Orson and Orbits
To Pluto and all the Planets that still count as Planets.

To Quark,
To Romulans to Ray guns and Replicant Revolutions
To Storm Troopers, (WOOT!) and satelites and still calling it Sci-fi.
To Space Opera.
To Transporters, to Time Travel, to Tron, Troi
and Tribbles. :-D
To Vega and V remakes, and Vader (and Venusian toe devourers)
to Warp Drive and Wormholes and Worf on two series.

To X-Men and Yugi-oh
To Yolen and Yoda. (almost forgot Yoda...hangs head in shame)
To Zardoz, Zathura, Zarkon and Zaphod.

Here's to you Sci-fi fan, to wearing pointy ears in public,
to Doritos and Mountain Dew and game masters that don't think their NPC is cooler than all your stupid characters combined.
and the Federation.

I salute you! ('specially the storm troopers, hic')


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