Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reading Pleasure

They say in order to write you must read. . . a lot. While I agree in theory, I've found squeezing out a few hours here and there to enjoy a good book a lot more challenging since I've been writing regularly. Something of a catch 22 there.

I mean, if I have a spare moment between kids, house, kids, cooking and kids...I need that moment to write. So, sadly, reading has drifted down the priority list somewhat. Shame on me, I know.

But recently I've found myself consuming a series of very excellent books. What? I ask, Where did these come from? I haven't purchased anything to read. I haven't stooped to piracy...and I never intend to. SO how did I stumble onto such great reading material, and how did reading wriggle back into a solid part of my busy schedule?

I'm going to tell you. You knew that already, didn't you?

I belong to a writer's group--something I recommend for every aspiring author. Peer groups are a great place for feedback, fellowship, critique, etc. My particular group has been meeting regularly for years now, and we've grown a bit, but still function at a comfortable and close-knit level.

But now something magical has happened. Between the coffee drinking, bullshitting, online chatting, and occasionally partying....we're producing a body of work. This may seem like stating the obvious, but it sort of snuck up on me. The last three books I read were written by people I know and love. They were also great books. How awesome is that?

Suddenly I've got a line-up of great reading material, and am anxiously waiting the next few installments. If that's not a great side-effect, I don't know what is.

Go out and get thee a writer's group.

And find time to read.


Anonymous said...

That is one way to get reading material. I committed myself to reading more this year. I read an hour before going to bed. Sometimes I don't make it, but I try.

I never really consider reading the groups work as reading but you have a great point here.

Frances Pauli said...

I never really did either, Cher. Then again, I have a really amazing writing group and most of us write in genres I read for pleasure. Now that folks are finishing their novels, it's been a real treat to enjoy them.
Thanks for the comments!