Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On Hiatus (Not Stalking...Really)

While I will be attending Norwecon this weekend, and therefore otherwise engaged not stalking stormtroopers, I won't be posting here. Obviously.

Likewise, I won't be posting anywhere else either.

I might be drinking space-themed coctails in a space-themed bar and THINKING about stalking stormtroopers. But that's not a crime, is it?

Instead, you shall be dazzled by another guest interview. Donna Hatch has delightfully agreed to stop by and chat with me about her new books, genres and writing in general.

While the interview was recorded earlier,(not live, not memorex) I hope you find it as interesting as I did.
She really has some lovely books out and a lot of wonderful things to say.(she's also running a contest, so win some prizes folks!)

Please make her welcome while I'm gone. I know you will.



Lynn Andrade said...

I think the 501 should post double patrols, you know, just in case. :D

M Pax said...

Have a great time at the conference!