Monday, August 2, 2010


Well the dust is settling. The suitcase is open, if not entirely unpacked yet.
The convention giggles have subsided, and I'm ready to process this one into a neat, reader-friendly package.


Once again, Spocon was a pleasant suprise. I'm not able to explain the phenomenon--why the names are bigger, (heroic is some instances) and yet this particular convention takes the prize for friendly, approachable fun... Maybe the mystery of that is part of the charm. Maybe I'm just geographicaly biased, who knows? Whatever the reason, Spokane's little science fiction get-away will always be my favorite literary advernture.

But, I digress. Let's get down to it. Here is this year's installment of:

What I Learned At the Con (Part Three)

My tactical approach this year was somewhat different. I attmepted to apply a few of the lessons from previous installments. I skipped the literary panels (not the science ones--just you try to keep me away from all that yummy NASA talk, folks) I tested out the social activities, opening ceremonies, the masquerade, the Iron fan and the Scotch tasting tent. (see below)
I networked, I promo-ed, I laughed until I cried. In short, I "made contact," and I had a fantastic time. So, without further ado...

or maybe a few more ado's. ;-)

#1. Sardines and pudding don't mix.

#2. No matter how much Scotch costs, or how much the guy in the kilt swears by it, it still tastes rather a lot like paint thinner.

#3. The least shoe possible is still your best convention footwear bet.

#4. The best stuff at a con is not on the schedule

#5. Everyone deserves a fan-girl "squee" from time to time.

#6. The Chipettes are staging a come-back bid on the convention circuit.

#7. Make sure you know which way the hotel is before you taste any paint thinner.

#8. You don't have time to cook two hot pockets between panels.

#9. Watching someone eat sardines and pudding is almost as nauseating as eating it yourself.

and finally,

#10. Friendship has nothing to do with location, distance, or geography.

Thanks to everyone, from everywhere, that made Spocon 2010 a delicious, entertaining, exhilarating romp into fandom and fun.

Let me hear you "squee!"



M Pax said...

Sounds like a great time. I'm looking forward to Oregon's con in November.

秀吉秀吉 said...

Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse.............................................................

Frances Pauli said...

An Oregon con in November....hmmmm
I was just bemoaning the end of con season.

brain working, gears squeaking...

You have details, I presume?



Jaleta Clegg said...

Um, squee? Yep, it was a fun con. You should come try out ConDuit in Salt Lake next May. Very friendly and lots of fun and still lots of big names.

(And what in tarnation is Edstrium? Sounds like a nasal disease but Google wants me to type it to prove I'm human. Maybe I should sneeze really juicy on my screen. Um, wait. No. Ew.)

Frances Pauli said...
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Frances Pauli said...

"Squee" the noise a fan-girl makes when you let the air out of her slowly,, wait. The noise she makes when excited, that's it.