Other Sides Review

If you read the blog last week, and saw MeiLin Miranda's post on webfiction, then you're already familiar with the Other Sides anthology. I hope you've already downloaded it...it's free after all. If not, go do it now. I'll wait.

Okay, got your copy?

So, like, did you read it yet? Well, I'm not waiting for that. Patience isn't my strong point, and what I have gets used up by edits and cover art and release dates and and and.

I'll just tell you about the anthology, and you go read it later, okay?

It rocks.
That's not my proper review, but go ahead and run with me on it.
I'll get ya the details--well, now.

OTHER SIDES anthology: Review

Twelve short speculative stories in a neat, well designed (and free) package. Let me say, I was a teeny bit dubious. Fear not, the Other Sides is a worthy read that went far, far above my expectations.

The book brings together a group of webfiction authors and their incredibly diverse spec fic stories. It manages to provide a broad cross-section of genres and styles and still maintains a choesive feel as a book/theme.

I found the writing inside to be incredibly sophisticated and entertaining. These are not hobby authors folks. The stories are professional and engaging and the voices are very polished.

Out of the twelve tales, all but two really hit a homerun for me. The two that didn't resonate were fine stories, but one just wasn't really my bag, and the other had some distracting and, I felt, clumsy point of view changes. Of the rest, however, the stories were more than just good reads, in fact, I found them impressive, fascinating and enchanting. And while I did find a few tiny typos, the whole book really had a polished, high quality overall feel.

From my viewpoint, the real shining stars were:

Dalston Junction by MeiLin Miranda: a sort of H.G. Wells meets Arsenic and Old Lace short about some really intriguing time taveling ladies.

The Little Problem by MCM
A fun frolick through the intergalactic war on drugs.


New Stories by M.C.A. Hogarth
A race of nomads struggle to learn a new kind of life.

Add to those a pair of Purgatory police, a woman who's clutter gets the best of her, the Peacock King and a thief playing neighborhood watch for vampires, and you'll see what I mean about great entertainment, quality stories and a lot of fun.

Pick it up. Read it. Pick your own favorites.