Friday, January 21, 2011

Fit for Print

The news, that is... Though, stay tuned, print is on its way.

Rather than pull something intelligent out of my exhausted, er, pocket this week. :-) I figured I'd do updates and work on a cognitive thought for next week.
It seemed like a good plan at the time.

So, both Lords of Oak and Holly and New Canterburry Affair have hit Kindle of late. You can see all my Kindle friendly books on my author central page here:

The Dreamspell Fangs! vol. 1 anthology came out this week with my story, Forbidden. Pay no attention to the cover...avert your gaze, because this little antho is full of awesome tales. Really. My good friend Jaleta Clegg has a fantastic vampire fiasco inside and all four of the stories are fun and worth a seriously un-serious read.

I'm looking forward to next week's releas of Undiscovered on the 27th from Hall Bros Entertainment. This is going to be my print debut with a reprint of my story Alien Embrace. The anthology will be available from the site and on Amazon, I believe and has a great mix of genre stories with the theme of discovery.

And on that theme, print that is... A Moth in Darkness is coming on Feb. 1st. Have you seen this cover?
Okay, the story is an Urban Fantasy and kicks off the Changeling Race trilogy, which I just finished for NaNo if you keep track. I love this book. I'm so excited. Just look at it. . .

Thanks to everyone for support, beta-reads and all the work that made it possible!


Jaleta Clegg said...

Yeehaw! What a line-up. Congrats on all the hard work finally hitting print.

Frances Pauli said...

Its the only way I'll ever convince my family I'm really published.
If they can't hold it, it doesn't exist. :-)
So, by god, they can hold a couple of these.