Saturday, January 1, 2011

Running Start

Well, I hit the ground running in 2011. Granted, it was completely by accident, but hey, I'll take it. :-)

First, the night before New Year's Eve, I found out that Lords of Oak and Holly had hit Kindle. Always a good thing, and the reason I keep an eye on my Amazon Author Central page. Those sub releases sneak up on me. I suppose that's forgivable, but when an outright release sneaks up on me, well, I should be flogged.

So guess what happened next? You got it. I was cruising around on New Year's Eve and blammo! My upcoming release is releasing before my very eyes. Somewhere along the way, communications could be improved, BUT...good news just the same.

And, again cruising around on New Year's Eve (I'm such a party animal, you see?) I discovered an awesome review for Dimensional Shift at The Romance Review.

So my announcements list as follows. . . ;-)

New Canterbury Affair


Lords of Oak and Holly

available on Kindle

and a cool review for The Dimensional Shift.



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