Thursday, January 5, 2012

Interview with author, Jenna McCormick

I have the immense honor of hosting a stop on Jenna McCormick's blog tour for her brand new release, No Limits. Please join me in giving her a warm and enthusiastic welcome!

You write in a futuristic setting with a very original premise, can you tell us a little about the word and the different types living there?

No Limits starts out on Earth in New New York City at the dawn of the 22nd century. Technology has changed drastically, but people are pretty much the same. The biggest difference is that the advent of the personal health guard or, germ shield has virtually eliminated diseases and protection in no longer illegal. In fact, it’s very mainstream, ordering up a lover for the night along with your pizza. Casual sex is no longer the taboo it once was and my heroine is something of a throwback because at the start of the book she’s never engaged a male companion before.

What draws you to writing in the SFR genre? How did you get started there?

I’m one of those obnoxious people who needs a reasonable explanation for every plot twist. I don’t accept much on faith alone and science fiction, when done well gives me that credibility factor that I really need to enjoy a satisfying love story.

What would you say is the most challenging thing about the genre?
Finding readers willing to roll the dice! It makes no sense because romance readers are ravenous and science fiction readers are loyal yet the cross over between the two genres is small. But I have hope because well-established authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon and Suzanne Brockman are dipping into SFR, so I think the genre is growing!

Do you have a favorite SFR or SF series? (Movie/TV or book)
I’m old skool,  Star Trek The Next Generation. The first Sci Fi Romance I ever loved was Peter David’s Imazdi, which explored the history of Will Riker and Deanna Troi. Also a big fan of Firefly and Farscape.

Are you a planner or a pantser or a little of both?
I’m a pantser who tries really hard to be a planner. LOL! But I have a hard time sticking to an outline and if I fight it the characters stop talking to me.

Your new release looks amazing, and I hope you'll tell us more about it below, what else are you working on now? Anything in progress or coming up you'd like to share?

I’m working on the sequel to No LimitsNo Mercy, featuring Zan the Space Pirate (how can you not love a space pirate?) and Also the third installment of my post-apocalyptic novella trilogy, B Cubed Book Three: Borg. 

No Limits ISBN 13 978-0758272850
All Genevieve Luzon wants is to be loved by one man, a seemingly impossible task in New-New York City at the start of the twenty second century. Sure, she can buy sex as easily as order a pizza on a Friday night, but finding a forever kind of love among her self-centered peers is no easy feat for the unemployed off-world vacation coordinator. When an old friend offers her the position of secret shopper to test out the male prostitutes, Gen can’t think of a good reason to refuse. Hell, if she can’t find Mr. Right, she might as well try on a sampler of Mr. Right Nows.

Yet the perks of her new position don’t compare to the strange attraction she has, not for one of the prostitutes, but a candle that seems to warm places of her she never knew existed. When a man appears out of the flame, Gen is sure she's found the one. Rhys is an empath, made a slave by the Illustra Corporation and he’s everything Gen could ever want. Except available. Because Rhys is on a mission. One that might claim his life. He must try to free his people, consequences be damned. Now, Gen must choose between turning her back on the only man she’s ever loved and the monumental task he has set for himself. Should she risk her life fighting a war hidden from polite society against those who wish to control us all?
Is love really worth fighting for?

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taterbug78 said...

Great interview Jenna. Already looking forward to "No Mercy".

Jenna McCormick said...

Frances: Thank you so so much for the interview! I'm so glad to be here!

Jenna McCormick said...

Taterbug: Glad you enjoyed it. No Mercy is going to be a wild ride, that's for sure!

Pippa Jay said...

I can't plan either, but I wish I could sometimes. :)

Tracy said...

Wanting reasonable explanations for plot twists does NOT make you obnoxious! At least not in my opinion. I'm the same way. Makes me respect an author who doesn't insult my intelligence and really thinks their story through.
I can relate to those characters talking to you! lol
Congrats on your release and wishing you much continued success!

Jenna McCormick said...

Pippa: I keep thinking that if I could plan it out, break it down and finally get organized I could be more productive. But the harder I try, the bigger the mess gets, LOL!

Jenna McCormick said...

Tracy: Thats's what my father always said, that my questioning the ins and outs took away from my enjoyment. He called me a science fiction snob because I wouldn't just watch any old thing and accept it. I guess I'm a science fiction romance connoisseur,LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

Na said...

I always want a satisfying love story even if a book isn't a romance. I think in a futirsitci Sci-Fi world this element will make the characters more human to me. Even when the world has changed and normals evolve, that element will be familiar with it. Jenna, which came to you first -the world or the couple's story?


Jenna McCormick said...

Na, With this story it was the world 100%. It was so vivid, so engaging, like a space opera in my head. Which threw me off my game because I'm normally a very character driven writer. The characters tell me their stories and I transcribe. It's either a gift or a sickness, I'm not sure which, LOL! The first few takes I kept getting Rhys, the hero, wrong. He's not an Alpha hero and that confused and irritated me. Gen, my heroine is actually the Alpha in that relationship and it scares her to death because she doesn't know what the heck she's doing!

Heather Cox said...

love all the interviews! if i have any chance whatsoever of being a SFR fan, ur gonna be the one to do it. (i really gotta stop being so nice in my posts, its not really me lol)

Maria D. said...

Great interview! No Limits has a very interesting premise and I too have to have a reasonable explanation for plot twists - even in SciFi and Fantasy- only I don't consider it

junegirl63 at gmail dot com

Sondrea said...

I'd never heard of Imazdi. I'll have to check it out. :)

Jenna McCormick said...

Heather, don't go changing on my account!

Jenna McCormick said...

Maria D: I believe we detail oriented people have higher standards and there's nothing wrong with that!

Jenna McCormick said...

Sondrea, it's still one of my go to comfort reads. Peter David is an excellent storyteller, he also wrote A Rock and a Hard Place and Q-In-Law in the TNG series where Q was dating Mrs. Troi!

Gail Hart said...

Jenna, I think I'm your opposite - a plotter who wishes she could be more spontaneous with her writing. I pretty much need an outline, but those rare times when I twist comes to me out of the blue, I have no problem changing the outline.

mcv said...

Hi Jenna and Frances-
I'm mostly a romance reader but I do also enjoy SF. I just finished The Dimensional Shift, Frances, and enjoyed it.
Jenna, I will be sure to read you in the future.
mcv111 at hotmail(dot)com

Frances Pauli said...

Thanks to everyone for coming by the blog today, and a huge thank you to our guest! Jenna, what a thrill to have you and so much luck and good wishes for your release!

I must seek out this Star Trek novel, now. Imzadi...I love those two characters. And, MCV, bless you. I'm so glad you liked Shift. I just completed book three, and it is merrily waiting for edits.

Michael Baker said...

Sounds like a really interesting book. Going to have to check it out. Take care.

Laurie A. Green said...

Congrats (again) on your new release. NO LIMITS sounds awesome. The hero starts out as a candle? Now that's a new twist!

I'm a total pantser here, too. Writing outlines makes me crazy and causes my characters to mutiny. I need free rein for spontaneous things to happen as the story unfolds and could never be a "X must happen by page Y" sort of writer.

marybelle said...

I want to learn more about Rhys & being an empath.


Jenna McCormick said...

Gail: I guess we are just the yin and the yang of the romance community!

Jenna McCormick said...

mcv:I also write non sci-fi romance and mystery as Jennifer L. Hart if you want to try something a little more earth bound romance.

Jenna McCormick said...

Michael: Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jenna McCormick said...

Laurie: Yeah, Rhys's empathic essence is tethered to a candle for a majority of the book and he's definitely got the madskills going on.

I think we're just fooling ourselves that the organization would do anything to help the story.

Jenna McCormick said...

marybelle: Stick with me, next week on the blog tour we have a post all about Rhys's empathic ability!

Kaye Manro said...

Didn't mean to miss this party!

I do love the twist on the hero in No Limits. It is so different.

I try to outline, but when I do I either lose interest or the story takes off on its own!

No Limits -- great book!

Catherine Lee said...

I haven't read Imzadi, the Star Trek novel. I'll have to check it out. My favorite Star Trek character is Picard, with Q being my favorite guest character...although I also like Mrs. Troi and Barclay (aka "Broccoli").


lindseye said...

I like to know what happens and why but I sometimes just want the question answered and do not want to have to read the entire story. It depends on how invested I get in the romance and the characters.
linze_e at

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