Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flirting on the Sidelines

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I may very well be a hopeless romantic. It’s not like I do it on purpose, but still, in my very core, I have this addiction to falling in love. It’s delicious that falling and I’ve found, at least in my stories, that it’s also a bit contagious.
This isn’t a terrible surprise, I mean, I write romantic books. I’ve tried to write them without the “mushy stuff,” but inevitably my characters begin to flirt in secret. Being a kind hearted author, I can’t exactly rob them of their fun, and so the romance ensues regardless of my intentions.
In my series, however, I’ve noted that the mushy stuff is catching.
Granted, you expect the hero and heroine to fall head over heels in love. Their happily-ever-after is, after all, the whole point. But my side characters are starting to grumble, and at least a few of them have taken matters into their own hands.
“She writes romance,” they assert, “we just want our fair share.”
I have to admit, I tried to bat them back into line. “Cut it out. You’re not supposed to be hooking up willy-nilly.” But a few of them managed to win me over. They can be very convincing when they put their heads together.
Maybe it’s because I’ve always liked the quirky, sideline characters the best, or maybe because I pick favorites, (I’m not ashamed) but in the trilogy I let a few of those sideline flirtations find their own brand of happily-ever-after and I’m pretty pleased with the result. As a reader, I tend to enjoy it when a secondary romance blossoms. In particular if it happens for a character that I have a strong affinity for.
While I think it could get a bit ridiculous if everyone who steps on stage finds a match, I like to think there’s enough love to spread around a little. Is anyone out there bothered by secondary romance subplots? Does it take some of the spotlight off the primary couple, or like me, do you enjoy seeing the little guy in the shadows find some happiness along the way as well?
Do you appreciate the extra happily ever after, or does too much a good thing cross that believability line?

~ Frances 

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