Friday, March 9, 2012

A Collected Effort

While I have a great many projects in the works at the moment, a few novels floating about the ether, another sequel done and waiting in the wings, and a current novel well underway, one of my favorite up-and-coming things will be a collection of short stories.

I could credit a dozen or more friends, authors, and bloggers for the idea, but honestly, in today's publishing universe, putting out a short story collection becomes something of a no-brainer. You must do it. If you have any sense, you will probably do it.

I love the idea, to be honest, obvious or not, because I've always felt a sort of parental concern for my short fiction. I've mentioned before that placing one's short fiction is rather like trying to home a littler of ungainly puppies. I like puppies. I like my shorts. I want all of both to have wonderful homes. :)

So the hundredth or so time I heard someone say, Duh, idiot, you should do a short story collection, I listened. I'm a little stubborn, but I do learn in the end. The result product of my eventual enlightenment will be available soon in both e-book and trade paperback. It contains six, short science fiction stories (other collections in other genres are likely to follow) that are less infused with romance than my usual fare. (read that: these aren't the kissing stories) Good stories, most of which have appeared in print or e markets before, and one of which is a completely brand new story.

I hope you all like them. They are some of my favorites, and the title should give you an idea just how "seriously" I take them.

Coming soon.
~ Frances


Tam Linsey said...

Ok, that title just rocks! Let us know when it goes into publication.

Jaleta Clegg said...

Oo, can't wait for this one! And I think the title is great, too.

Jennifertgar said...

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