Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yes! Indulge in at least one.

We hear a lot of "no" in this business. Let me tall ya. Some days they come from all sides, and the little buggers can really wear you down. You get less if you take the self publishing route, but odds are, if you submit anywhere over the course of your career, you will here: le no.


Some days it makes you want to give up. Some days you start to believe that you suck eggs. So maybe submitting isn't such a good idea, right? So maybe I should just do it all solo and avoid the whole mess. It's not a bad idea. I'm a big fan of self-publishing, in particular considering the current trends and numbers. But I wonder if totally blowing off the whole subbing process might be robbing yourself of something really great.

The wonderful, Yes.

As bad as no no no feels, one YES! can make it all go away in a flash. Yes means someone else thinks you can do this too, someone who doesn't even know you. Yes is a very, very good feeling. It's butterflies and dancing for joy, and even a hundred no's before it won't diminish it one tiny bit. In other words, it's worth the wait.

So I got thinking about the self-publishing path and it occurred to me that that was the one thing it was missing. I mean, yes, reader love is the best love. But once, just once in every author's life, I think feeling that yes is important. Not even for validation, because I get that we shouldn't need that. Just for the experience of it. For the butterflies. Maybe, if you do plan to totally self-publish, it would be worth it to send out a couple of short stories, to keep sending them, and if necessary to send to one of the easier markets. They're not too hard to find, the ones that accept a bit more than some of the others. Maybe it's worth it to do a little time and snag that yes. . . just once.

Because once you have it, nothing can take it away.



Christine Rains said...

Fantastic post. I've gotten many, many no's, but those few yes's more than make up for it.

Frances Pauli said...

LOL I wrote this in the midst of a string of no's. Last night I got a yes, and it just completely made up for it. :)
Keep trudging onward, troops!

Greta said...

I think you're right - in a way. Getting a YES from someone else, or an award or whatever is a validation someone who self-publishes doesn't get. On the other hand, it's a long and arduous road and even if you keep telling yourself that NO comes from many things unrelated to the quality of your work, it chips away at your ego. I can certainly understand why people self-publish after a string of rejections.

Tina-Sue said...

Oh yes. That "yes" is worth it. One of the big negatives on self-publishing is the often times the lack of vetting a book goes through --the various desks it crosses, the long editing stages, etc--great point about submitting something, even if the chosen way is self-publishing ;o

Frances Pauli said...

These days, it's becoming a per project decision. Authors don't have to choose either or, but only think, for this piece, which is the correct path. I love that flexibility, but then, I never did like to choose one side. :)