Thursday, May 3, 2012


Thank you everyone who participated in and stopped by to comment during the A to Z challenge! What a fun and exhausting event that was. I'm visualizing diving in to play again next year already.

You will notice in the meantime, however, that the post frequency is not going to remain daily. ;) Expect weekly or bi-weekly topics and occasional updates as usual. The event was fun, yes, but sustaining that long term just might kill me.

As to updates, I will be at this year's Westercon in Seattle, WA. paneling and just generally socializing and getting my scifi on. If anyone is local or doesn't mind a drive, it sounds like a great event.

The third book in the Shift Happens series, Echo Location, is due out in both electronic and print formats in September, so if you're a cross-dimensional fan, keep your eyes, or visual sensors, tuned.

Upcoming short stories include a scifi in Synaptic Void, due out from the folks at Static Movement, a sfr in the upcoming issue of Silver Blade magazine, my short story in the anthology Wandering Weeds which is so close to print that I'm having trouble not fidgeting. That one was edited by Jaleta Clegg and myself and is a fantastic book featuring some really wonderful and talented contributors. I'm sure you'll hear me crowing when it hits the presses.

Also, I'm hoping to get the new episode of Slug Opera up this week, but that is more of a wish than a promise. :)

Mildy related, I have dipped my toes back into the poetry waters for a spell and my piece, A Koi's Voice, has been selected for the Unfold Garden Show. I'm not sure which day in May it will pop up, but the whole show is worth a visit if you have any interest in things poetic.

And on a sadder note, I've completely whiffed the Write 1, Sub 1 challenge this year. I started out like gangbusters, but the novel took precedence and just had to be addressed. I'm starting to see some accepts roll in and still subbing the stories I have , but writing, for the moment, is entirely focused on my WIP which , oddly enough, has me up to my neck in WW1.

Maybe next year, but best of luck to everyone brave and sturdy enough to still be W1S1 solid!


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PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

After the A to Z thing I decided to change my blog to 3 days a week. Most of the posts will be fairly short too so it shouldn't be too taxing.