Monday, July 23, 2012

Q is for Quotable

I had the fortune of receiving a magnificent gift this week. It's been rather a rotten week, so the gift was a welcome bright spot. Also, I adore it and, even better, I think it's going to be a great tool for blogging!

My unexpected present was a shiny, soft bound copy of Quotable Star Trek.

Don't laugh at me. I really love this thing. I am, after all, a serious Trekkie at heart, and the book, the magnificent book is full of nothing but wonderful, insightful, gleeful quotes from my favorite of franchises. Now when I say full, I mean 352 pages packed with nothing but. That's full.

I adore it.

Even worse, I fully intend to torture the rest of the world with it. So much fun to be had there. You'll see. I'll start with one that is near and dear to my heart. It's from my favorite ST incarnation, Deep Space Nine, and even involves Dax, whom I someday aspire to grow up to be. (when I'm drunk and highly delusional)

Here goes: "There is something attractive about a lost cause."

Oh! How I love that quote. I am a fully seated champion of the underdog. If its an against all odds battle, I'm in. The lost cause, attractive? YES. In particular in fiction this rings true. Why? Because real life feels overwhelming at times, we feel like a lost cause at times, and following that humble beginning to a happy ending is blissfully fulfilling.

When a heroic character wins the day, we cheer, yes. But we also sigh a little. Maybe, we even snark a bit. Give me an underdog, however, and let him triumph, NOW we're talking.

Chicken little hits a home run, the ugly duckling gets the prince, the rag tag band fends off the entire orcish army. :) Come on, you have more in mind, right?
Let's hear your favorite lost causes, folks.

Live long and prosper,
~ Frances


Mocastles said...

A quotable Star Trek! That is a sweet gift.

Frances Pauli said...

I can't stop reading it. Oh, how many of these I remember...I should be embarrassed, but I'm not.
:)It's great fun!