Thursday, February 7, 2013

Evil Charity Auction: The Write Stuff

The Evil League of Evil authors is holding a charity auction here for Crestline Elementary. 

First off, the cause is just and might. We're talking about kids whose school burned down here, folks, and you don't get much less evil than that. 

Secondly. The stuff really rocks. 
Critiques of your query or manuscript chapters
Mentoring by published authors
Cameo spots in the a novel
Signed book, crafts, sword fights, true love! 

May have gotten a bit carried away. But still...Please check it out. 
I have chapter crits up from yours truly, a novel cameo in one of my future books and this:

Evil Dragon. ..
opening bids are super reasonable and all you have to do is go to the LIVE AUCTIONS list and dive in.

Check out the other tabs while you're at it, and see why its such a big deal to us. 

THANKS EVERYONE!!! Happy Bidding. 

~ Frances

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