Thursday, August 1, 2013

All Star Favorites

I have been READING again!!! I cannot tell you how amazing it's been to ignore my to be written list and rush off to attend my to be read pile. It's definitely soothed my nerves a little anyway. It's also driven me to thinking about my all time favorite reads. So, while there are way too many to remember with an old and foggy brain...I'm going to touch on a few here. Maybe you'll discover some you'd like to try out!

 Andre Norton: Year of the Unicorn
I often claim this as my all-time favorite. Most days it is. The Witch World series makes me insanely happy as a reader, and this story has know, cool ones from before all the ruckus about them. I adore anything Norton wrote, but the High Hallack stuff and the Crystal Gryphon trilogy are my favs. 

Patricia McKillip: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
Doesn't that cover kick ass? This is probably my all-time. I know I just said that, but seriously. I own two copies in case one is lost or damaged. I took them both to a signing and the lovely author asked me who I wanted them signed to. When I told her they were both for me, well...she was really sweet about how much of a whimpering fan-girl I was. Enough said. Awesome ass book. 

Tanith Lee: Day by Night
Amazing book about a planet that doesn't rotate. The civilizations on opposite sides both think the other side is uninhabitable. Very cool read and like all of my tops, secretly a romance. Don't tell. Lee has another book I adore called, Sabella, that is about the only Vampire book I've ever liked...probably cause they're on Mars. :)

Christopher Moore: ANYTHING
So I put up that cover because, hell, it's the best title ever put on a book. No shit, right? The link will actually take you to Lamb, the gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal. Because, it's also the coolest title ever put on a cover. And, everyone should read it. Actually everyone should read all his books. If you like an intelligent read that will make you laugh till your insides try to sneak out your nostrils. Just grab one and go. Pick Coyote Blue or Island of the Sequined Love Nun or...or... 

Gregory Maguire: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
Love this book. I liked Wicked a lot. Tried to finish Lost three times and just can't get into it, but this one...this one made me cry buckets of happy reader tears. So well done...and sweet...and just delightful and way too underrated. 

Terry Pratchett: Witches Books
Well, nobody would question the awesome that is Pratchett. So I don't need to tell you. But, of all the awesome Pratchett that was Pratchetted, the Witches books are my dearest favorites. In fact, I hope to be Esme Weatherwax when I grow up. 

William Shakespeare's Star Wars
This is one of my new reads and it immediately launched onto my favorite lists. I haven't enjoyed an experience as much as reading this book in ages. It's freaking awesome. Probably more so because I have the movie memorized and because I adore Shakespeare. Still...this is the best weird pairing since chocolate and peanut butter folks. TOO much fun and great for out loud reading too. I also read The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski which is along the same lines and also good, but not nearly as infinitely awesome as this one. 

Must Mentions: Hunger Games and Hitchhiker's Guide

I'm running out of blog space here, but I have to make sure both these series make the list. I think you can probably find them on your own. ;) They're hard to miss. They're also somewhat opposite ends of the spectrum. I devoured the Hunger Games books in three days, and I think of them as one amazing, totally immersed read. I read the Adams' books ages ago and, what can be said about the Guide that hasn't been said already? You know. They rock. 

More Favs:
I'm getting tired. Here's a list of other awesome books I adore. 

Dune- Frank Herbert
Crystal Singer- Anne McCaffrey
Contrarywise - Zora Greenhalgh
Dragon Eye P.I. - Katrina Fabian
Tombs at Atuan - Ursula K. LeGuin (also The Beginning Place)
The Pandora Stone - William Greenleaf
 What Do You Say to a Naked Elf - Cheryl Sterling
The Faded Sun trilogy - C.J. Cherryh
Titus Groan - Mervyn Peake (the trilogy...even though three was weird.)
Harry Potter!!! All of them. (and I'm not picky about books or movies, just give me some o that magic)
Hellspark - Janet Kagan

And basically tons more. Fancy a few? Happy reading. 

~ Frances


Jaleta Clegg said...

Did you raid my bookshelves for this? Seriously, we have almost the same list.

And I'm already well on my way to becoming Nanny Ogg.

Frances Pauli said...

OH! The Hedghog never gets buggered at all.....
We need an old cottage in the woods and we're all set....and a sign that says, I ain't dead.