Friday, September 13, 2013

Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents- Snippet

My contribution this week is from the Princes of the Shroud series, soon to be published by Zharmae Press. Book one is Shrouded, and this is from chapter four. :) 

Vashia wriggled her hands against the restraints and fought off another wave of panic. She glanced around the hangar bay, took in the filth, the rows of chained slaves and cringed. What have I done? The roar of ships departing shook the bench where they sat. Fourteen lost souls who’d passed the pre-screening and signed away all their worldly rights.
And she’d done it too.

She eyed the dirty, bruised legs across from them and couldn’t remember for the life of her why she’d signed. Her mind reasoned that it was all an act, that the poor souls opposite their line were the real slaves, but her doubt argued, how do you know?  She’d trusted complete strangers because of one word: offspring. 

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