Friday, November 22, 2013

Scifi Romance on the Loose

The first book in the Princes of the Shroud SFR series released this week, and I'm so excited about the book, the awesome cover art and the amazing house that has taken on the series. For SFR Brigade presents this week, I wanted to post and excerpt from Shrouded.

The book is on tour also, so look for info below the excerpt and thanks for stopping by!


book one


“That’s it.” Samra leaned forward and tapped the driver on the sleeve. “That’s the warehouse there.”
Vashia squinted at the call numbers while the hover drives quelled and the cab bobbled to a halt. She listened to the hydraulics as the door slid open. She stared at the building outside while Sam slid from the vehicle.
“I don’t know, Sam.” She shook her head. “What if this is worse than the alternative?”
“Kiddo, I don’t want to scare you.” Samra turned her back on the warehouse and fixed Vashia with a level, dead-serious expression. “But Jarn’s no stranger in my quarter. Word has it the whores draw straws to see who gets to be off duty when he visits. Catch my drift?”
“Yeah, I get it.”
“At least this way there’s a chance you won’t get an evil S.O.B.”
“You could always go back to your dad, see if you can get him to see reason. Maybe he’ll change his mind if you talk—”
“No.” She shook her head and crawled out of the cab. “Not my father, Sam. He as good as sold me off.”
“I’m sorry, Kiddo. I wish there was a better option.”
“Thanks for everything, Sam.”
“Good luck.” Samra climbed back in the cab and favored Vashia with a sad smile before closing the door. The cab hummed back to power with a bump and then skimmed away to round the end of the next warehouse.
Vashia stood and listened until she couldn’t discern its engine from the hum of others in the distance. She waited until there was no more excuse to wait and then turned to face her destination. Samra had delivered her to a building that hid in the shadow of its larger neighbors. The corrugated sided bowed out, as if the weight of the material were too much for its design. Aside from the stenciled numbers painted along the front, it had no designation, no logo, nothing to indicate what might hide inside.
She took a step closer, then stopped and stared some more. The governor’s estate peeked over the roofline of the buildings so that she could just make out the left wing. Her room waited there. Her things, her history, and a future full of Jarn. Vashia looked away and marched forward, only hesitating at the door for the span of a breath before ducking inside.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. this is a new publisher to me. and I like the fact you have the astronomy pic of the day on your blog!

Frances Pauli said...

Thanks for stopping by. It is a fairly new house, but they're growing.
And I love that astronomy app. :)

Veronica Scott said...

Wow, tense and so full of detail. Best wishes with the book!

Nina Croft said...

Well, I'm definitely intrigued!

Heidi Ruby Miller said...

Great intrigue and tension!