Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Plot Till You Drop

We had a New Year's Eve party for writer's group again this year. I hosted, and in a last-minute panic realized that, aside from "write all night", I had nothing planned on the activity/entertainment end of the spectrum.

We had some booze, of course, and you know writers, but still....we needed something to DO when the fingers got crampy.

Thankfully a good friend who is not a writer had been cleaning out her storage a few days earlier. She'd discovered a GINORMOUS cork board and immediately thought of me. This is not as weird as it sounds. I home school.

So, I had this lovely monstrosity leaning up against the hallway walls and I desperately needed a way to entertain many drunk authors well into the wee hours. Hmmm.
A few push pins, some sticky notes and 3x5 cards later and we had a "plot board."

Or as I like to call it: Plot Till You Drop. 

In truth, this is more of a work tool than a game, but thankfully, most writers have trouble discerning between work and fun anyway. It's also huge. So, the plotting stage becomes a workout routine too. A full body plotting session just might burn a calorie or two (or so I keep telling myself). 

What you see above is my late night efforts with the next Kingdoms Gone book, blame the Bearer. It looks like a mess, doesn't it? The truth is...well, we'll see after it's written, but in my book, Plot Till You Drop is a big win.


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