Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dark Dancer: Bad-ass Elves Tour

Okay, it's not really called that. BUT, I did have the pleasure of reading Dark Dancer by Jaleta Clegg and, in my opinion, it's pretty freaking bad-ass. I loved it, in fact, but since I'm a big fan of Clegg's storytelling, that wasn't a huge surprise. The book is delightful, however, and I am thrilled to have it and its author here on the blog today.
Please give them both a warm welcome!
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(and I didn't know about the contents of the post below when I wrote this, I swear!)

Inspiring Worlds and Words

I have this friend who writes incredible fantasy stories. Ever heard of Frances Pauli? *cheesy grin* She doesn't really call them that, but that's what they are in my mind. She wrote a trilogy several years ago that caught my imagination and wouldn't let go. I wanted and needed to write my own version of her world.

A Moth in Darkness starts her Changeling Race trilogy. I love the title. I fell in love with her fairy world to the point I threatened to write fanfic about it. But I don't play well in other people's sandboxes. I tend to change things. I tucked the ideas away and let them ferment while I worked on other projects.

Then Frances wrote this new series that had me even more entranced. Unlikely, the first book in Kingdoms Gone, creates a completely different version of fairyland and magic. Yep, I was hooked. (Where is that next book?!?!?!) I wanted to play in a magic world with elves and pixies and fairies and airships and automatons (giant robots, oh yeah!). Wait, Frances didn't do the whole steampunk tech thing in her books.

But that's the point of writing my own stories. I don't have to fit it into anyone's rules. I create my own rules. I wanted airships. And elves with pointy ears and slanted eyes and magic and god complexes. And giant robots powered by magic and steam. And strange flying creatures that were not quite dragons. And a pirate captain who could have been Errol Flynn's Sinbad, if he were an elf in a wooden airship with a crew of elves, trolls, and pixies. I wrote Dark Dancer because I fell in love with the characters and the ideas and the world that grew in my head and I wanted to share it with you.

This is why I really write. It's because I want adventures and magic. And airships. Since those don't exist in the real world and Hollywood's versions irritate me, I have to find authors who write these stories if I want to read them. Or I have to write them myself. Because I can.

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Dark Dancer -
A strange prophecy haunts the Seligh lords, rulers of the Fey and controllers of all magic in the Summerlands, a prophecy that foretells their fall. At its heart, is a young human woman with no memory of her power or potential to destroy their world.

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Jaleta Clegg said...

Thanks, Frances! Always a pleasure to stop by your blog. And read your books...

Frances Pauli said...

Mutual, for certain. I'm eagerly awaiting more from this world you know. :)