Monday, January 19, 2015

Releases: War dogs and Assasins

Welcome back from holiday land! I am working very hard at breaking all my New Year's resolutions and having all kinds of fun with this year's Write 1 Sub 1. Y'all know about that, right? It's severely good for productivity, and I'm hoping that participation will result in many more words being written this year.

In the meantime, I have a couple of books freshly out. The second Dogs of War book, Demon Dogs is available at all etailers now, I think. Follow the bouncing like before for the kindle version, but I'm fairly certain it's hit everywhere else as well.

I also have a new Dylan Lowwater story out in the Central Washington Author's Guild annual anthology. This year's theme is Assassins, and the book is really amazing. Lots of good stuff in there most of which is not mine. :) 
I'm enjoying the read a great deal.

And the second Princes of the Shroud book is still coming....soon. :) Keep an eye out and if you want more up to date updates, think about signing up for the newsletter with the link in the sidebar here. I send every sign up a coupon for a free e copy of on of my short story anthologies. 

Best in the New Year to all!

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