Missed a Release Day!

Well my brain has officially derailed. Call it old age, not enough coffee, brain damage, whatever you like. They probably all apply. The second Princes of the Shroud book is out, and while I think I put it up on the books page. (reminding self to go check) I missed an actual, like announcing it.

So..here it is. A day late and....well you get it.

Princes of the Shroud
book two



now available  :)

Rowri is a priestess with prophetic dreams—and she’s dreamt of her soulmate. So when she volunteers to be the gifted bride in a peace negotiation between her own peoples and the Tolfarians, she is certain that the lilac-skinned man in her visions is the Tolfarian leader she is to marry.

But prophecy is never simple, and visions are never clear. Shayd, a seer and one of the Shrouded, is summoned to transport Rowri to her new husband-to-be. When Rowri sets eyes on his lilac skin, she knows she’s made a terrible mistake—one she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life if she wants to save her people and prevent war.

The two are drawn together, and the fates of two races hinge on the decisions they make. On the precipice of volcanic eruptions, galactic terrorism, and mercenary attacks, Shayd and Rowri must give up every hope of happiness for their people, or sacrifice everything for true love.