Sunday, November 15, 2015

Do YOU Have A Dragon Problem?

It's new release day, and I am back in dragon-land ready to play! The above excerpt is from the second Kundalis book, and was published (fictionally) in a metaphysical newspaper entirely of my imagining.

That being said, I'd love to hear YOUR responses to the advert. (again, fictional--or ??) and if you post them in the comments below, I'll pick one person at random to receive e-copies of both Kundalis dragons books.

Let's hear your about dragon sightings!



bn100 said...


bn100candg at hotmail dot com

lynda bester said...

Hi, well first i would offer chocolate (because who can resist/) then alhohol, then try and rope it, then pretend to be dead and jump on it, or ignore it until it's ego got the better of it and it came close enough for me to wrangle it into submission.
Ah, it's great to dream. I would probably pass out and it would have to revive me. ha ha

Frances Pauli said...

I like the way you think, Lynda! Offering chocolate. Brilliant. :)

JM Scheirer said...

Norrice sat in the easy chair, glancing through the paper. His older brother, Niall, tall, blond, blue-eyed, built like a linebacker, came up and read over his shoulder.

"'If you have a dragon problem, don't wait until it is out of control'? Don't tell me you really read this garbage."

Norrice glanced up at his brother, holding back the irritation of Niall's rudeness. "I like to keep up on what's going on in the world."

Niall grinned, a serpentine slyness contained within. "Do you really have a 'dragon problem'? Tamanth would be disappointed."

Norrice glared at his brother. "I have absolutely no problem with my 'dragon haunting.'"

"Good," Niall replied, licking his teeth, "Because I could use a chance to stretch my wings. What about you? I wouldn't mind the company."

Norrice stood and stretched, setting the paper down on the coffee table. "Why not? It's been a few days since we last needed to fly."

Niall grinned and pulled back from where he still leaned against the chair. "That's the spirit. We should keep in practice, just in case something comes up, right?"

Norrice rolled his eyes. "Right. Stay in shape," he agreed in a near mutter, "Well, if we're going to do this, let's go."

He followed his brother out the back door to their large, fence-enclosed yard, the blue sky just about cloudless and the faint breeze ruffling the wild lawn. Niall leapt forward, his figure shimmering and changing into that of a gold dragon about the size of a limousine. He caught an updraft and soon wheeled into the sky above.

Norrice took in a breath and jumped. His own form shimmered and became that of a gold scaled dragon, though somewhat smaller than his brother's. Niall above roared an invitation for him to join him. Norrice pumped his wings to gain some altitude and soared after Niall.

Dragon problem? No, no problem with dragons here. His enemies, on the other hand...

Frances Pauli said...

This is fantastic!! Thanks so much for sharing it. :) Hoping to get a few more replies, but either way, I'll roll for a winner on Friday.
Luck to you all!